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15 Cinematic LUTs Pack For Premiere Pro, DaVinci & Final Cut

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

If we talk about the post-production part of video editing, no matter how good a final footage looks with added presets, transitions, overlays or sound effects, but in the end a boring color grading can ruin the overall aesthetics of it. There is a saying that "With great cinematography comes great color grading" and that applies to every sort of video project.

Cinematography basically comes under the impressions of Filmmakers and Travelers. The post processing part involves multiple layers of retouching and keyframing which also includes color grading. Color grading can basically be done manually but still professional videographers do prefers pre-made color grading presets called look up tables (LUTs).

15 Cinematic LUTs Pack For Premiere Pro, DaVinci & Filmora

These given color grading pack contains Dark, Moody, Cinematic, Traveling, Drone, Studio, Neon, Forest, Wedding related LUTs.

In this article we come up with a list of 15 Cinematic LUTs pack which can be used by video editing enthusiasts and videographers to make their RAW footage a cinematic look. This list includes LUTs which are both Free & Paid and can be used in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci, Filmora, Final Cut Pro X or almost any other video editing software that supports .CUBE extension LUTs.


By Todd Blankenship

It is a brand new pack of FREE LUTs created by Todd Blankenship, this time for Shutterstock.

This pack was made with care and love as Todd picked specific looks from films and photos that inspire his daily work. There’s a lot to choose from and these looks will give you an amazing foundation to start from once you begin grading your footage.

This LUT pack is completely free to download and use. Use these color grading LUTs to add some extra charm to your awesome video project.


By Lukas Eriksen

Cinematic LUT pack by Lukas Eriksen is a free to use color grading pack for turning your wide angle traveling shots into a cinematic magic. This Cinematic LUT pack contains 15 amazing easy to use LUTs for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Pro Cut X and many other editing software.

This pack contains following LUTs:

  1. Orion, Magellanic

  2. Redshift

  3. Andromeda

  4. Cirinus, Regulus

  5. Cygnus

  6. Centurus

  7. Lacertae

  8. Triangulum

  9. Maffei

  10. Lundmark

  11. Holmberg

  12. Messier

  13. Abell


By NAJ Mentor

A quick way to enhance the vibrancy of your video footage and make it pop. This cinematic LUT pack is free to download and use.


By Thiagovibesp

Professional LUTs CINEMATIC VINTAGE TONES TONES CINEMATIC LOOK Included 6 LUTs for videos for LOG and FLAT Profiles.

Theses LUTs works in wide range of editing programs such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, Lumafusion, Filmora, Sony Vegas and After Effects.


By Debrup Travel & Films

Create dark and moody cinematic video with these 20 amazing dark and moody travel LUTs and use it in Premiere Pro and Filmora.

Download 20 free moody cinematic color LUTs for Premiere Pro and Filmora.


By Editors Keys

This LUT pack contains a collection of five professionally crafted LUTs which will instantly improve your footage. They will install directly into your video editing program of choice with ease. This amazing Cinematic LUT Pack which works with video editing programs like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, LumaFusion, Media Composer and more.

LUTs included in the pack:

  • Orange & Teal - This is a classic go-to LUT for giving any footage a beautiful warm tone. It will make viewers feel warm and positive. Perfect for any outdoor footage.

  • Forest Lut - Designed for travel footage and landscapes. This will really pull out some beautiful deep color from your footage and adds depth and contrast to achieve an incredible look.

  • Summer Vintage - A beautifully crafted LUT to give your footage a true summer feel. Think 60's, 70's and 80's movies with a modern twist.

  • Neon Lights - One to really make your low light and night time shots pop. Put your evening town and city shots through this LUT. You'll love it!

  • Studio Glow - It's hard to find a good LUT for indoor shoots, especially to use for vlogging or corporate work. You don't want something that feels unnatural or way over saturated. It breathes life into your indoor shoots and helps make your presenter glow with subtle warm tones.


By Debrup Travel & Films

Download Free Cinematic Travel LUTs for Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro. Travel Color Grading is very important for your travel videos, cinematic travel videos, travel vlogs. Use these 20 free travel LUTs for different moods in any travel videos. You can use it for Premiere Pro and also in Final Cut Pro.


By CineMart

Kreator’s Pack is a bundle of 33 LUTs for color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Filmora, DaVinci Resolve and more. Designed to preserve nice skin tones, add cinematic tones without being overbearing, precise corrections, smooth gradients

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