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12 Smooth Transitions Pack For Premiere Pro

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

12 Smooth Transitions Pack For Premiere Pro | Premiere Pro Presets Templates Resources Download Link

As a content creator, the resources we use in our design software or video editing software means a lot in the completion of a project. If used correctly, these resources can turn out to be a helping hand and a real time savior.

For a graphic designer, resources like stock images, plugins, actions, templates, fonts, and mockups acts like a tool to assist a designer in his work project. And for a videographer or video content creator, resources like presets, transitions, slideshows, essential graphics, templates, and LUTs comes very handy in post-processing part of their final project.

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In this article, we made a list of 12 transitions pack for Premiere Pro that includes smooth transitions for seamless flow. You can use these transitions inside Premiere Pro for your videos like Traveling, Wedding, Vlogs, or Food showcasing. NOTE: This list includes both free and paid transitions for Premiere Pro.

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1. AMV Zoom Pack Preset

By Arsybai

AMV or Anime music video is a type of video edited by fans which mixes anime footage with popular music. This style of video consists of fast movement transitions which makes it look so smooth and interactive.

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AMV Zoom Pack Preset is a transitions pack created by Arsybai which includes 5 seamless Zoom in and Zoom out transitions with fast blur. These transitions are easy to use with only drag and drop, with an Adjustment layer is required while using AMV Zoom Pack Preset. You can use these transitions in Action video, Food vlog, TikTok videos, Instagram reels and traveling videos, or wherever a scene requires a fast cut. This pack of transitions is free to download and use.

Link To Download - AMV Zoom Pack Preset

2. Clean And Fast Transitions

By Cherrito

Clean and Fast Transitions is what its name suggests. It is a fast and clean animated Premiere Pro template that contains a set of transition effects that you can use in your videos. They're so easy to use, simply drag and drop in your new media and hit render. You can use them to display a wide variety of photos and video clips. Impress your audience with this up-to-date and dynamically animated PP template.

If you are looking for smooth and glassy transition effects that glide through your screen, this drag and drop pack is just what you need! Use in your next promo or event projects to impress your audience.

Link To Download - Clean And Fast Transitions

3. Seamless Transition

By Strixstudio

Seamless Transition are a great way to diversify your video! These transitions allow you to easily stand out from the crowd with 12 uniquely designed and dynamically animated transition effects. Perfect for your slideshow, openers, intros and much more. These transitions will help you quickly and these are great for just about any video project.

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Stand out from the crowd with these slick, warping transitions for Premiere Pro. There are 12 uniquely designed and animated transitions to choose from and would look great in an action-packed slideshow or promo video. Here you get 12 transitions of Zoom, Stretch and Pan. No Plug-Ins are required to use these transitions

Link To Download - Seamless Transition

4. Inf1nity: Pack Of Transitions Presets

By Lexel

Inf1nity is a preset transition package for Premiere Pro CC 2017 and above. This amazing package includes over 200 presets in 14 styles: Circles, Squares, Rhombus, Hexagon, Block Distortion, Linear Sweep, Circular Sweep, Glare, Glass, Digital Noise, Line, Strips, Motion, Cartoon. Since all transitions are preset, you can use them an infinite number of times in your works. Just drag and drop the preset on the layer.

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There is nothing easier! These transitions are great for a wide range of tasks: weddings, corporate presentations, business slideshows, intros, openers, films, movies, promotions, events, Facebook and YouTube videos, extreme sports, fashion, friends, family, vacation and travelling photos. All presets work perfectly with Full HD resolution. You can also check advanced version of these transitions in the package of Infini2y and Infini3y.

Link To Download - Inf1nity: Pack Of Transitions Presets

5. 40+ Video Effects & Transitions

by Justin Odisho

Video Effects & Transitions is a pack of video transitions and effects made by Justin Odisho. This is a complete package of more than 40+ creative transitions and video effects which can be used in your project to elevate its aesthetics. Here you get easy to use drag & drop presets like Glow flash, Spin, Whip (All 4 directions), Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Flicker, Blur vertical and many more.

40+ Creative Video Effects and Transition Presets for Adobe Premiere Pro including:

  • Blink Close/Open

  • Blur Dissolve

  • Directional Blur

  • Flicker

  • Glitch Warp (Horizontal & Vertical)

  • Glow Flash

  • Invert Flash

  • Lens Bump

  • Shadow Wipe (all 4 directions)

  • Spin Left

  • Spin Right

  • Whip Push (all 4 directions)

  • Zoom In

  • Zoom Out


  • Corner Kaleidascope

  • Dance Party

  • Dreamy Vignette

  • Drunk Goggles

  • Fisheye Cam

  • Flash Frame

  • Hue Shift

  • Light Leak Flicker

  • Motion Trail Dark & Light

  • Pixel Stretch (all 4 directions)

  • Reverse Fisheye

  • RGB Color Split

  • Scanlines

  • Stop Motion Video

  • Super 8 Film Look

  • VHS Camcorder

Link To Download - 40+ Video Effects & Transitions

6. Slice Transitions

By Lexel

Slice Transitions is a trendy Premiere Pro template that contains 52 elegant transitions in two styles: damping and bounce. These transitions are great for any of your next videos: slideshows, intros, openers, corporate, sports, weddings and much more. This project is designed in Premiere Pro and does not require After Effects. It is well organized and easy to use and no Plugins are required.

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These transitions are completely Clean and Elegant in Design with Full HD (1920×1080) Resolution. It is Fast and Easy and you can Drag your Videos or Images without any hassle. Slice Transitions are compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2017 and above. Well organized and Very Fast Render Tutorials included Preview sequence.

Link To Download - Slice Transitions

7. 40 Free Smooth Transitions Presets Pack

By Roy VFX

This pack of 40 Free Smooth Transitions Presets Pack are made by Roy VFX. These 40 free smooth transitions preset pack can change the total look of your video and can give it a perfect look for matching up to a smooth and simple presentation. These transitions are very simple and easy to use, and for further guidelines, you can watch the video above for a tutorial to understand. You can use these transitions for any purpose you want without any issues.

40 Free Smooth Transitions Presets Pack works smoothly in Premiere Pro CC 2015 and Above. These transitions are simple to use and supports resolutions of Full HD – 1920 × 1080, HD – 1280 × 720, 4K – 3840 × 2160. Features like: Easy drag and drop, 4K compatible, No Plugins required, Works with all media, User-friendly template, Renders quickly so that not even a single second of yours goes to waste.

40 Free Smooth Transitions Presets Pack includes:

  • Blur Transitions.

  • Spin Transitions.

  • Film Roll Transitions.

  • Bloom Transitions.

  • Scroll Transitions.

  • Whip Transitions.

  • Light Transitions.

Link To Download - 40 Free Smooth Transitions Presets Pack

8. AMV Fischl Pack

By Arsybai

AMV Fischl Pack Preset is a transitions pack for Premiere Pro created by Arsybai which includes 7 seamless transitions for fast slides and impact. Transitions included in AMV Fischl Pack Preset: Spin, Stretch down, Splash flicker, Zoom in A & B, Zoom out A & B.

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These transitions are easy to use and no other plug-ins are required to use them in your project. Still an Adjustment layer is required while using AMV Fischl transitions. You can use these transitions in Action video, Food vlog, TikTok videos, Instagram reels and traveling videos, or wherever a scene requires a fast cut. This pack of transitions is free to download and use.

Link To Download - AMV Fischl Pack

9. Clean Transitions

By Qssmotion

Clean Transitions is a modern and dynamic Premiere Pro template with creatively animated slides. They are so easy to use, just change the image to your own, change colors in two clicks, and you can render the finished video. The shapes blur and refract your media as it transitions. It is perfect for social networking, traveling and advertising. These transitions are in 4k Resolution and no plugins are required to use these transitions .

Features of Clean Transitions:

  • 100% Premiere Pro

  • 4K Resolution

  • Works with any FPS

  • Change Colors Easily

  • Video Tutorial Included

  • No Plugins Required

  • Premiere Pro CC18+

Link To Download - Clean Transitions

10. Travel Film Transition Pack

By Austin Newman

Travel Film Transition Pack is an awesome choice for traveling and music videos. This collection of cool Premiere Pro transitions will surely become your favorite tool for years to come. From luma fade, quick zoom to smooth warp, and smooth spin transitions, this package has everything you need to make your video a hit.

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Included in this preset pack are 4 versions of the popular travel film transitions:

  • Luma Fade (in & out)

  • Quick Zoom w/ Motion Blur (in & out)

  • Smooth Spin W/ Motion Blur

  • Smooth Warp Transition

Note: You must be working with footage that is the same dimensions as your sequecce for these effects to work properly.

Link To Download - Travel Film Transition Pack

11. Film Crux Transitions Vol. 1

By Film Crux

Film Crux Transitions is a pack of some of the top notch smooth transitions for Premiere Pro. It is a pack of 24 free drag-and-drop transitions designed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro. You can use these transitions in basically any video that requires instant smooth impact. These transitions are best suitable for Traveling, Food videos, Presentations, Slideshows, Intros.

Film Crux Transitions Vol. 1 includes:

  • Blur

  • Bounce Warp In

  • Glitch 1

  • Glitch 2

  • In Out

  • Roll In Clockwise

  • Roll In Counterclockwise

  • Rumble Down

  • Slide Down

  • Slide Left

  • Slide Right

  • Slide Up

  • Spin In Clockwise

  • Spin In Counterclockwise

  • Stutter

  • Warp Spin Clockwise

  • Warp Spin Counterclockwise

  • Whip Pan Down

  • Whip Pan Down Long

  • Whip Pan Left

  • Whip Pan Right

  • Whip Pan Up

  • Whip Pan Up Long

  • Zoom Spin

Link To Download - Film Crux Transitions Vol. 1

12. Modern Transitions Pack

By ArkaDIX

Modern transitions Pack is a unique and powerful Premiere Pro template that contains 19 ultramodern and dynamically animated transitioning effects. It's so easy to edit and can be used as a cool way to enhance your fashion, extreme sports, new products, TV shows, commercials, trailers, teasers, corporate presentations, business slideshows, promotions and events videos.

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Enjoy some of the coolest slides, spin, and block transitions. An explainer tutorial video is included. You can use these transitions to impress your audience and create a trendy and impactful video without the need of After Effects. No plugins are required to use these transitions in your project file.

Link To Download - Modern Transitions Pack

There are more articles yet to come related to a list of useful Transitions, Presets, LUTs, Plugins, Essential Graphics, and other resources for Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is indeed an all-in-one video editing software and we will definitely going to provide more articles related to video editing. Stay tuned for future articles and comment down below if you have any suggestion for us.

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