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19 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2023

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Nowadays, removing the background from an image is quite simple and can be done in a single click using advanced online tools. Turning the main subject of the image into a PNG file with transparent background is now easier than ever before, but this wasn't always the case.

Not a long ago, graphic designers had to manually make a clean selection in order to cut out the main subject from the image and that was really a time-consuming task. Getting accurate result from manual editing is hard to achieve and cutting the hair part was just a headache for most of the designers. But today even a beginner or a non-designer can make a perfect cutout of foreground from the background. You don't even need a graphic design software in order to remove background, thanks to the advanced AI tools for designers available these days to do this for you.

15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Photos are primarily used in digital marketing, businesses, or advertising on social media. They are the backbone of today's online marketplace to make products look visually appealing. Just simply cut the background out of an image and you are good to add your product on any available template. Adding a unique touch to photos is extremely important and using background remover tools is the easiest way to do just that.

A background remover tool cuts out any given object or the whole background from an image. There are many online background remover tools that allow users to remove background from images free of charge depending on their plans and daily limit.

Removing or changing the background from an image might sound complicated, but it's easy with these online background remover tools. In this post, we have listed the 15 best online background remover tools that you can use for free.

NOTE: This list is not ranked in any order. Each and every given online tool in this article provide special set of features and differs in many ways.


PicWish Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Free AI Background Remover

PicWish offers a super easy-to-use background remover that quickly and automatically removes backgrounds from photos. With its clear and simple interface. All you need is to upload a photo and within seconds, you'll receive a precise cutout.

PicWish AI specializes in processing products and hair effectively. It is perfect for handling hollowed out products and uneven edges. If you're a reseller or own an online business, PicWish background remover is a valuable tool to consider. They also provide a white background tool specifically designed for eCommerce users.

To use PicWish, signing in is required, but rest assured that it's a secure platform. You can save photos without any watermarks and even have the option to further edit your cutout using additional AI image editing tools. In their Pro app, you'll find features such as batch processing and higher resolution export.


Fotor Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Free & Automatic AI Background Removal Solution

Fotor background remover is an online tool simply made for designers and non-designers to make their image's background transparent. It is simple and straightforward tool to remove background from profile pictures, product photos and complex images and you can also experiment with how you want the photos to look using the photo editor.

Their AI background remover can smartly detect the subject from any photo and remove background accurately without any manual work. AI of Fotor also makes it easy to handling hair, animal fur or any complex edges in a few seconds.

Fotor can remove background from any image in just one click. In their free version you can only download the cutout images in standard quality only. Users have the option to upgrade to Fotor Pro if they want to get high resolution result without the fotor watermark.


HitPaw - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Easily Remove the Background 100% Automatically & Free

HitPaw Online Background Remover, powered by AI, is widely considered as one of the best tools to remove background online. It can remove background from image online automatically. This tool boasts an intuitive interface that effortlessly guides you through the background removal from image process.

The HitPaw background remover provides you helpful tools to make the image more attractive, which allows you to create image in your ways.


Slazzer - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove Image Background Automatically and Free

Slazzer online background remover instantly detects the subject from any photo and gives you a smooth & clear cutout. Thanks to their advanced AI, Slazzer tool is capable of handling hair, fur or any complex edges in just a few seconds. There is also a desktop application for Windows/Mac/Linux which allows you to drag and drop 1000s of images at once.

Slazzer actually is a great background remover tool as it allows you to download final cutout photos in HD quality free of cost and without any watermark. Interested users can upgrade to Slazzer Infinity if they want the best out of Slazzer.


Adobe Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove The background From Images For Free

Background remover from Adobe is hands down one of the best online background remover tool one can ever use. It’s super easy to remove the background out of a picture. Just select your image, upload it to their free photo background remover, and your image will be ready to download in an instant. Adobe background remover tool is completely free to use and there is no limit on downloading high-resolution cutout images

Adobe background remover tool allow creators to remove the background from photos and also an option to edit them in Adobe Express. This background remover app allows you to highlight the subject of your photo and create a transparent background.


BG Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Fast and simple AI-powered background remover

The BG Remover by is a powerful tool designed to eliminate backgrounds from any given image. With the help of advanced AI technology, the tool removes the backgrounds with extreme precision. Just upload your selected picture, and BG Remover will accurately detect the edges of the subject and remove the background - without any manual manipulation. And that too within the short time span of 8 seconds.

Moreover, the ‘output’ quality of BG Remover is crisp and clean. The tool can identify even the most complex edges, such as hair, and will remove them with accuracy while preserving the fine details of your main subject. The transparent files are available for download in PNG file format. You can customize the picture with a new background or leave it as it is for your creative projects.

The BG Remover is a simple and intuitive tool that works right from your web browser. It offers 3 free background removals. To process more photos, you will need to sign up for their subscription plans.


Bgeraser - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove The Image background Intelligently

Bgeraser is a free online AI-based background removing tool. This tool adopts deep machine learning technology to remove the background of the image automatically. You can remove the image background intelligently and also erase and inpaint unwanted objects in just 5 seconds.

The results from Bgeraser tool are quite accurate in high-quality and the details will be recovered automatically. Bgeraser tool is free to use but you can remove the background of a maximum of five images a month in low-resolution.


Removal.AI - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove Background From Image For Free Using Artificial Intelligence

Removal.AI is a free AI technology based online tool used to remove background from images. It automatically detect subjects on photos and is also capable of handling hair or any other fur edges.

Removal.AI background remover tool is free to use but free users can only download low-resolution cutout images and just 1 high-resolution image. A paid subscription plan is available only if you want high-resolution images. Users can also download the desktop application so they can still use it even offline.


InPixio - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Free and Automatic Remove BG Tool

InPixio background remover is an online AI based tool that can change or remove the background from a given photo in HD quality. inPixio tool turns complex background into transparent file in seconds and even retains its quality in the final image.

InPixio uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect backgrounds automatically in a single click. If this doesn’t give you the result you want, you can also manually select the areas of the image to erase and keep. It is completely free but it leaves a watermark on the final images.


Icons8 Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

AI Background Remover For Designers

Background remover tool from Icons8 works online right from the web browser. It will automatically remove the background in 10-15 seconds when you upload an image. Icons8 tool works great with all sorts of graphics and it also supports batch uploading.

The Background Remover uses AI to detect the subject of the photo, mask the image, and remove the background. You can remove the backgrounds from 3 images for free. To process more images, users will need to purchase a subscription plan.


Remove.Bg - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove Image Background 100% Automatically And Free is an online background remover tool that allows you to remove any photo’s background layer. Using this tool, you can make your background transparent (PNG) or add a white background to a photo. Just select your image it will automatically separate the background and foreground layers right away using its clever AI. creates transparent backgrounds for images so that they will be easier to edit for other uses. There's also a desktop app for Windows, Mac & Linux users so you won’t need the internet to remove backgrounds and lets you continue your work even offline. The free version allows you to download 612 × 408 resolutions only. It also offers a free trial for its service. Check pricing on the website.


Baseline Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Free Background Remover

Baseline Background Remover tool makes it easier to remove the background from any image with one click. It's smart Artificial Intelligence technology makes it quick and easy to remove the background from any picture with a clear focal point.

Baseline Background Remover's free version is loaded with tons of options and you also don’t need to pay too much for its additional features. It can save you from hours of manual work by automatically removing the background from an image using AI.


ClippingMagic - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Magically Remove Image Backgrounds

Clipping Magic is an advanced AI background remover tool to remove background from a photo. This tool includes functions like cropping and adjusting colors to create professional results. Clipping Magic tool is great for touchups and gives you complete creative control. This tool is combined with automatic AI with smart keep, remove, hair tools, and a scalpel for precision cut outs.

Clipping Magic background remover tool is free to use but with limited features like low quality output and that too for or non-commercial use. For full-size commercial use output, users will have to buy one of their subscription plans.


Pixomatic Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

AI-Powered Background Remover For Instantly Fabulous Photos

Pixomatic Magic Cut tool automatically erase anything you want from your pics. Using AI technology, it defines, outlines, and automatically erases the background of any picture in seconds and offers some really powerful photo editing tools right after.

Pixomatic is more than just a background changer and its erasing tool can perfectly cut out hair, fur or any complex object and isolate it from the background. Once you’ve removed the selected part of your picture, you’re free to use any of the other editing features on the app.


Ipiccy Background Removal Tool - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Editing A Background is An Invaluable Skill

iPiccy is an online photo editing tool that provides PRO level photo effects, editing modes, color tools and enhancements along with a basic background remover tool. This background remover tool is not as advanced as the other listed tools and \\ users might need to manually remove the background using a brush tool.

iPiccy has different tools for changing your background, some that directly erase parts of the image, while others lift parts from the photo and move them, and you can even do more than that.


Depositphotos Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove Background From Image In A Click

Depositphotos is primarily known for its online marketplace that provides high-quality stock photos, vector illustrations, and footages at reasonable price. Aside from such marketplace, Depositphotos also has its own background remover tool where anyone can cut background out of an image for free.

Background remover from Depositphotos is easy to use. Simply upload the image and wait a few seconds and you will get your image with a transparent background. Their AI technology quickly processes data from the uploaded image and removes the background automatically. The final image will be immediately ready to downloaded in PNG format with a transparent background.


Ssemble Background Remover - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Remove backgrounds with just one click

Ssemble is one of the newest online tools in the market. It offers a Background Remover feature that is useful when you want to remove the background of an image and replace it with a different background or when you want to isolate the subject of an image for further editing or use in a different context.

Ssemble's Background Remover can help photo editors save time, improve accuracy, increase creativity, and enhance productivity, making it an essential tool in their workflow. The tool uses advanced algorithms to separate the foreground subject from the background and removes it while preserving the subject's edges and details. It is also easy to navigate, thanks to its user-friendly UI.


Photoscissors - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Easily Remove Backgrounds From Photos With Zero Clicks

PhotoScissors automatic background removal tool can Remove image background instantly. You can also remove and replace the background with a transparent, solid color or another background image within few clicks. Just upload an image and their algorithm will automatically remove the background using deep neural networks.

PhotoScissors easily handles complex semi-transparent objects like hair, allowing you to get rid of the background in these pictures as easily as in any other scene. Well, low-resolution images are free to download from PhotoScissors. However, you need to purchase credits if you want to download a high-quality transparent image.


  • Easily Remove Backgrounds from Photos with in One Click

  • Erase Background by Color

  • Remove Background Around Hair

  • Remove Background from Transparent Objects

  • Remove Complex Background From Photos

  • Supports PNG and JPG Graphic Formats


Kapwing - 15 Best FREE Online Background Remover Tools To Use In 2022

Erase The Background Of Any Image In One Click

The Kapwing Background Remover allows you to remove backgrounds automatically or using the eraser to delete specific parts. After clicking Erase, your image background will be removed automatically. To erase parts of your picture manually, select the Erase tool and click & drag over the parts of your photo you want to remove.

Kapwing tool is easy to use and using the background eraser, creators can remove any unwanted parts of an image automatically or manually. Instead of erasing images pixel by pixel, it uses AI to separate even the complex background from an image.

Kapwing background remover tool uses powerful magic wand tool that gives much creative freedom to select, erase or restore any part of the image. The only bad thing about Kapwing background tool is that it requires paid PRO subscription to actually export the transparent PNG file.


Tell us in the comment section below which background remover tool from this list you likes the most and why. Stay tuned for our future graphic designing related articles.



  • Fotor

  • Slazzer

  • Adobe Bg Remover

  • PicWish

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