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14 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

14 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Graphic design work can sometimes be full of headache and stress. Balancing different aspects in a project such as fonts, color scheme, resources, stock images, plugins, presets aren't always that easy as it seems. That's where online tools come into play to ease the workflow by targeting and assist designers in their respective way.

There are tons of designing tools available online that provides professional service to users. Some of these tools basically offers a complete new graphic design platform, and some tools makes it easier for designers to find creative images, vectors, fonts and color schemes.

In this list, you will encounter 14 online tools where some of them are free to use, and some are paid at a certain degree. Most of these design platforms fits best for beginners, as well as professional designers. Read this article till end and decide if any one of these given tools are suitable for your next project.

NOTE: List updated on 7 November 2023


WhatFont - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

WhatFont makes it so easy to inspect any font on a website, with just one click. The extension is available for both Chrome and Safari, as well as a bookmarklet. Once installed, all you need to do is click the extension's icon in your browser's toolbar, and then click the font you wish to view.

WhatFont is the easiest way to identify fonts used in a webpage. Firebug and Webkit Inspector are easy enough to use for developers. With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant. It also detects the services used for serving the web fonts and supports Typekit and Google Font API.


  • The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages

  • Free chrome extension

  • identify almost all of the web fonts

  • Works well with chrome

  • Hustle free easy to use too

Step-By-Step On How To Use WhatFont:

  1. Bookmark it, add the Google chrome extension, or add the Safari extension (we use the Google chrome extension)

  2. Go to the website that you want to find out the font and click on the WhatFont extension.

  3. Hover over the web page and start to discover the fonts being used!

LINK - WhatFont

Infogram - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Infographic designs are one of the eye-catchy design trend out there. Infographics are minimal and can be used in almost any form of project such as promotional, sales report, character, presentation, thumbnail, content marketing and much more. Creating infographics manually is time consuming and also not that easy. The work is often not as much about creativity and more dependent on efficiently organizing information.

This is where Infogram comes in to help designers and non-designers out there to create infographic designs fast and conveniently. You can start your infographic design by choosing ready-to-use templates from their huge collection. You can also create animated infographics using effects like zoom, bounce, flip, fade, and slide.


  • Fast infographic design.

  • Creative tools to make interactive Infographics, Reports, Slides, Dashboards, Maps, Social media visuals.

  • Join one of the most popular infographic makers on the market

  • Use collection of creative templates

  • Animated infographic design using effects on objects.

  • Work in an intuitive editor with a lot of custom editing options

LINK - Infogram

Definite SEO Tool - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

DefiniteSEO is a versatile SEO Checker tool that helps you optimize your website for a higher ranking. The tool lets you run a complete check on your website for various technical SEO factors, along with many others that play a major role in ranking higher on the SERPs.

Besides, analyzing your website, you can also run a competitor analysis and check the keywords they are ranking for as well as content. Moreover, keyword research, competitor analysis, site auditing, and networking are some of the major highlights of this SEO tool, and that too for free. It helps you find competitor strategies and keyword research. As well as you can optimize your content for better ranking and user experience also.


Pexels - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Founded in Germany in 2014, Pexels is a free stock images and videos platform that provide designers with tons of high quality royalty-free content without any restrictions. Pexels is the best source of free to use stock images which is used by designers, bloggers, photographers and content creators around the world. There is also a Pexels mobile app you can find on play store.

Pexels maintains a library with over 3.2 million free to use stock photos and videos. It is home to the best free stock photos, copyright-free images & videos shared by professional creators. Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Pexels license. Thanks to its wide collection of media, all the photos on Pexels are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through the discover pages.


Pexels provides best in class, free to use stock images and footages for personal and commercial use. With zero restrictions on how and where you use their images, that makes Pexels a best choice for other creators looking for copyright-free content for their projects. You can also contribute to Pexels community as a creator.

Pexels is known for its huge library of free to use images and footages. Their guidelines states that:

  • All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use.

  • Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but always appreciated.

  • Modification is allowed on the photos and videos you get from Pexels. Be creative and edit them as you like.

LINK - Pexels

Gingersauce - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

A large part of a designers work has to do with presentation. Since designers get paid to make things look right, the same approach should apply to your work. Gingersauce is a brand book builder that allows designers to present their logos and fonts in a beautiful and automatically generated brand book.

Gingersauce create beautiful brand books. You can present your work to clients in a premium way by using Gingersauce. Gingersauce build brand books automatically in 5-10 minutes rather than some apps that take days. You can also store your logos and fonts in it with the online link and PDF file. When you done your work you get a ready PDF with your assets and then you can exchange it with clients.


  • Present your work to clients in a premium way

  • Build brand books automatically in 5-10 minutes rather than days

  • Store your logos and fonts in a beautiful brand book with the online link and PDF file

  • Get a ready PDF with your assets and exchange it with clients and team members.


Getkap - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Getkap is a software that record your screen easily. It is very simple and easy to handle tool. Getkap capture the screen for free. Getkap supports high resolution and allows exporting. Its an open source tool, which means its free for you.

Getkap is an open-source screenshot and video maker. Whenever you need to share your workflow or showcase something for a tutorial, you can use this tool. Getkap might not offer the richest functionality, but for an entirely free tool, the quality is amazing.


  • Work within a simple tool: There aren’t many features so getting lost is not an option.

  • Capture the screen for free: The software is open-source and can be used for free by individual designers and teams.

  • Get high-quality content: Getkap supports high resolution and allows exporting in dozens of video formats.

LINK - Getkap

Pixlr - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Pixlr is an online alternative to Adobe Photoshop. If you don't have photoshop? No problem. It is the best alternative. Pixlr collaborate to an intuitive platform. You can do simple graphic editing without having Photoshop. It's an online tool, so you don't have to worry about high system requirement.

No Photoshop? No problem. The go-to choice as an alternative to Photoshop is Pixlr. It’s a simple, intuitive editor with basic features—you can crop, cut, apply filters, resize, add layers, save in different formats, etc.


  • It is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

  • It collaborates on an intuitive platform that can be easily explained to colleagues from other departments.

  • You can do simple graphic editing without having Photoshop or other professional tools nearby.

LINK - Pixlr

Adobe Color - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Adobe Color is a free web service that anyone can use. So anyone can open up a web browser window, navigate to, and then start playing around with all these cool-looking tools for creating color themes. Create color palettes with the color wheel or image, browse thousands of color combinations from the Adobe Color community.

Adobe Color is a web app where you can create and share color themes. Save your new themes and use it in your favorite desktop or mobile app. With Adobe Color, you have access to the powerful harmonization engines for creating beautiful color themes to use in Adobe products.


Create color themes

Explore community offerings. Find amazing themes from the Adobe Color community, Adobe Stock images, and Behance projects.

Discover trends

Browse trend galleries curated by Adobe Stock and the Behance community to see what your peers are creating.

Convert with ease

Convert themes into RGB, LAB, CMYK, HSV, and Pantone colors without losing brightness or color accuracy. Download or copy themes in formats that are easy to place in UX designs and prototypes, like CSS, XML, and LESS.

Color harmony mode

Create color themes with rules based on color theory. Great for getting started or quick inspiration.


Socialsizes - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

SocialSizes provides designers with the best sizes to use for Image and Video content on Social Media. A large percentage of our work consists of creating images for social media, blog/articles, and designing social media pages. For designing, SocialSizes is a fantastic tool that allows checking up-to-date sizes for all social media. Here, designers can see image dimensions for different types of posts, promotions, and banners.


  • Check image dimensions for dozens of social media with one tool

  • Make sure your visuals are compatible with the requirements of a particular network

  • Download templates for a particular network, supported by Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, and others.


  • Image and video sized for all social media sites

  • Check image dimensions of all social media with one tool

  • Make sure your visuals are compatible with the requirements

  • Download templates for a particular network

  • Supported by Photoshop, Figma, Sketch and others.


Chrome Extensions - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

There are so many great Google Chrome extensions out there—picking the best ones was quite a challenge. Here is a list of some most frequently used ones. Some of these will be more interesting to web developers, but as a graphic designer, you will find yourself using web-oriented tools.

Color Picker

Get a precise color code for anything on the web just by hovering over the image or background.


These are some of the top rated chrome extensions for designers.

Site Palette.
Lorem Ipsum Generator (Default Text)
ProofMe for Canva
Slidely Photo Remix

You can install free items from the Chrome Web Store. To pay for apps, extensions or browser themes, you need a Google Payments account. Check if Google Payments is available in your country. The Chrome Web Store will show available items based on your Chrome browser language and location. To see featured content and paid items in local currency, click Settings. Click your language and country.

You can find apps, extensions, and browser themes for the Google Chrome browser in the Chrome Web Store. With these additions, you can do more with Chrome.


Piktochart - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

The all-in-one visual storytelling solution Piktochart is the most intuitive and affordable way to tell visual stories with infographics, reports, presentations, and prints. It is created for simplicity. You can learn the platform in less than an hour. Tools like Photoshop & Illustrator require months of training before you can make a graphic that looks professional. With Piktochart, you can whip up a professional-looking design in less than an hour — No training or graphic design experience required. Piktochart's drag and drop editor helps you create infographics, brochures, or presentations in minutes, not hours.


High-quality infographics

Whether you need to visualize a process, explain a topic, or tell a new hire what to expect on their first day, an infographic can do the job.

Persuasive presentations

Need to pitch to an investor, client, or stakeholder? Easily create a professionally-looking pitch deck, sales deck, or a business presentation. Piktochart has you covered.

Insightful reports

Keep your manager and everyone on your team on the same page. Piktochart helps you create reports that turn boring data into a clear story.

Eye-catching posters

Whether you need to promote an event, or you just need to let your employees know what’s going on in the cafeteria, our posters can do the trick.

Easy creation of visual content based on templates

Piktochart is so simple that you can immediately use it, without training. Start with a template designed by experts. Quickly get to a professionally-looking report, presentation, infographic, poster, or social media graphic.

Access to high-quality assets for free

The times of searching for the perfect image, illustration, or icon are over. With Piktochart’s free library of graphics, designs components, and templates, the visual inspiration you are looking for is there where you need it. Making your content beautiful has never been so easy.

Unlimited charts and maps to visualize your data

With Piktochart’s robust charts and maps you can quickly translate your data into a visual story that will grasp the attention of your audience. Link up an Excel or Google Sheets file to easily create graphs that automatically update when your data does. Add interactive maps to your presentation to highlight your main points.

LINK - Piktochart

Snappa - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Snappa is a cloud-based graphic designing tool, which helps businesses create graphics for social media, ads, blogs, emails, and infographics. You can create online graphics in a snap. Snappa makes it easy to whip up graphics for social media, blogs, ads, and more without Photoshop or graphic designers. Create online graphics in a snap. Whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more—even if you're not a graphic designer.

All photos and graphics included in Snappa are 100% royalty-free. They can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, and you are not required to provide attribution.


Start with the perfect image dimensions

The perfect sized image is always one click away. Image dimensions for social media, display ads, blogs, emails, and infographics are available as clickable presets.

Get a head start with pre-made templates

Don’t start from scratch or stare at a blank screen ever again. Choose from thousands of pre-made templates that look professional and earn you more attention, clicks, and customers.

Find free high-res stock photos inside Snappa

Get access to 5,000,000+ free, high-resolution, and totally not cheesy stock photos. You don’t need to scour multiple stock libraries, worry about usage rights, or pay for the best background images anymore.

Add text, graphics, and effects in seconds

Create whatever you’ve imagined in seconds. Choose from 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors and shapes, and play with photo effects until your graphic is perfect—no design experience required.

Remove image backgrounds with just one click

Removing backgrounds from images used to be difficult and time consuming. Now you just click a button, wait a second, and then pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing your background vanish like magic.

Resize your best graphics in a flash

Never make the same stunning graphic more than once. In one click, you can turn your Twitter header into a Facebook cover, your Instagram post into a Pinterest pin, or a Facebook ad into a billboard ad.

LINK - Snappa

Iconfinder - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Iconfinder is a web company whose main product is a search engine for icons. The company was founded in 2007 by Martin LeBlanc Eigtved. Iconfinder gained popularity after a relaunch in 2009 and is now the largest icon search engine with more than 2 million unique users per month.

It’s designer's favorite source of vector icons and high-quality SVG files. It’s a great library to gather inspiration from vector design, and occasionally, purchase favorite vectors. If you’re into vector design, you can use Iconfinder as a marketplace for getting paid for your work. Some designers on my team managed to make it work as a passive income source.

All premium content on Iconfinder are suitable for commercial use. The license agreement of the premium content is the Basic license. In the case of the free content, some are licensed for commercial use, while some others are allowed for personal use only.


  • Get ideas for your vector files

  • Get affordable SVG files for your client and personal projects

  • Upload your vector designs and sell them online

LINK - IconFinder

Moqhub - 13 Best Online Tools Every Designer Must Know In 2022

Moqhub is the easiest way to identify fonts on web pages. It cooperates with developers and testers and store assets & communicate. It's has a easy and nice User Interface. It is a very Hustle free easy to use tool to identify fonts.

Many designers use popular communication and collaboration tools for client projects. But for their own projects, most of them like to use Moqhub. It’s a management software for designers that lets you store files, get feedback, and share PDFs. Moqhub feels organized and more like a personal workplace.

Moqhub is a game-changer for Developers, Web & UX Designers, Product Developers, and other freelancers. Designed to enhance your user experience through constructive design feedback, Moqhub is easy and affordable for all.

Whether you are a Freelance designer, Web & UX Designer, Marketer, Educator or Product Developer, the need for point-specific feedback from clients will always be there. You need to evaluate your design against the initial requirement to confirm you are on the right track, all while getting an invaluable second opinion. After all, the success of the final product or launch rests on a successful design review.


  • Cooperate with developers and testers: My favorite thing about Moqhub is the possibility to coordinate workflow with tech teams

  • Have fun: The interface of the platform doesn’t feel formal, which is a big deal for me

  • Store assets & communicate: I use Moqhub as a sort of a DAM tool, and it’s been working well for me.

LINK - Moqhub

Using such tools on a design project won't make any difference for those who tends to work on every aspect of a design manually. But for a designer who regularly looks for a way to save his/her time without compromising on the final output can definitely make a good out of the above given tools. Try and visit all these provided tools and look for what suit you the best.

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