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How To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Pro Project

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Presets are time savior. In the world of video content like TikTok and YouTube, Video Editing becomes quite a trend amongst all the influencers around the internet. But you should also keep in mind that editing your raw videos is a challenging and time consuming thing to do with frame by frame editing which sometimes became a tricky part to deal with. That's where Pre-made Transitions and Effects comes in.

How To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Project

Premiere Pro is an industry leading video editing software developed by Adobe Corporation which is used by many professionals and beginners because of it's Advanced tools, Presets availability and Friendly User Interface.


Why Use Presets In Premiere Pro?
Should You Use Presets In Every Premiere Pro Project?
How To Install Preset In Premiere Pro Project
1. Open Project
2. Go To Effects Panel
3. Presets Tab
4. Use Preset In Project File

There are thousands of smooth transitions & effects available online created by Professionals and some of them are free to download and use. Premiere Pro supports presets with the file extensions of .PRFPSET which adds an individual or a group of transitions, and effects in your effects panel.

Cut to the point, there are tons of Presets available to download for Premiere Pro around the Internet which includes Paid and Free to Download license based depends on the type of Presets you are looking for. In this article, we will discuss about some frequent queries regarding presets in Premiere Pro. Like What are presets in Premiere Pro? Why to use presets in Premiere Pro project? Should you use presets in your project in Premiere Pro? and How to import and install presets in Premiere Pro.

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Motionarray, Cinecom, Mixkit, and Elements envato are such sites where you can download quality Premiere Pro Presets for your Project.



Presets are pre-made video effects and transitions made by designers and they also come pre installed in Premiere Pro effects panel. You can use presets on your video file if you see the requirement of adding certain elements that you can't do manually.

Premiere Pro do comes with inbuilt transitions and effects which in fact are quite good and enough to make your footage look robust and professional.



Well, using or not using a preset is completely depend on what a create is desired to achieve. Presets are time savior but that doesn't mean that you should always rely on using third party or pre installed transitions to make your footage good. They are not bad to use but when it comes to working as a professional editor, one should not always depend on using presets as it shows the lack of creativity.

If Presets are made by the creator itself, then there is nothing wrong in that. You can use Presets as long as you are not making project for a client or even if you do decide to use them, then do it such a way that the final footage doesn't look like an overuse of effects.



If your project requires some degree of additional effects which you can't achieve by yourself due to time constraints or any other reasons, then using presets might be the best option for you.

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This article will show you how to import, install and use Presets in your Adobe Premiere Pro project. , To install Presets in your Premiere Pro project, these are the steps you can follow:



It's essential to open Premiere Pro and make a New Project file.

Open Project in Premiere Pro - How To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Pro Project

NOTE: (Making a sequence file won't be necessary for you to install presets)



On top Panel, Select Effects and a new panel will open on the right section of the Screen

Effects Panel in Premiere pro - How To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Pro Project

In the Effects Panel, you will find all the Pre-installed and 3rd Party Presets and Transitions.



Now you have to import presets into your Effects panel. In the Presets tab of Effects Panel, Right click and an options to Import and Export Presets will show up:

How To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Pro Project

Click 'Import Presets' and a Window to select a Preset file will open up.

Select any Preset file you have downloaded and click 'Open':

How To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Pro Project

Premiere Pro supports File Extension of .PRPRESET to be installed under it's Presets Tab



After you import the Preset File onto your Project, it automatically install into your system and you can access it with it's name in the Presets Tab

Note: Presets will be installed either in the Presets Tab or in the Video Transitions Tab

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In this case, it got installed in Presets Tab with no parent folder:

Import and uHow To Install And Use Presets Into Your Premiere Pro Projectse preset file in premiere pro

To use these Transitions in your Project File, Just Drag & Drop any one of the installed file between your clips (Some Presets are made to use in separate clips) and you are good to go.


You can find tons of free to use presets online which not just make your final video interactive, but also save your precious time which you can later use to tweak and finalize your video.

Hope you like this Beginner Tutorial for Premiere Pro. We will try our best to provide you such Professional and Beginner Tips & Tutorials Articles.

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