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7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

So, you started a new website, did SEO on your blog and try to get traffic from social media platforms. You know there are tons of popular social media sites you can visit to do content curation and social bookmarking work. But the truth is, there is limited freedom on marketing your content on those platforms. Some of them works like a charm, and some takes time consuming work.

It's an ugly truth that Social media can never be your major source of web traffic and you can't always rely on them. But that makes exception for a few content marketing platform, and one of them is Pinterest. Apart from any other online platform we tried to get traffic on our blog, Pinterest is the only site that worked and delivered us targeted traffic. So what exactly is Pinterest? In this article we are going to discuss about Pinterest queries like What are Pins and Boards on Pinterest? What are the types of Pin in Pinterest? And what are the ways to drive traffic from Pinterest to a blog.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the popular image-based social media platform used by Youtubers, Content Creators, Bloggers, Designers, Digital Shop Owners, and other enthusiasts. In short, Pinterest is an image sharing marketing platform designed to interact, save and discover useful information on the internet using images, animated GIF's and videos in the form of pins and boards. Pinterest has a monthly visit of over 1 Billion users which makes it a best place for curating content after social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What Is Pinterest and how does it work? - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

As a content marketing tool, nothing could beat Pinterest. People thinks of Pinterest as a go-to place for design inspirations, infographics and other form of informative content. But it is more than that. Pinterest is capable of not only bring huge traffic to your website, but can also help you build your brand, bring sale to your products and boost the services you provide.

Pinterest is not just a media platform to scroll and save images, it is more than that. You can drive thousands of visitors every day from Pinterest to your blog with some basic steps. Pinterest works on an algorithm of Keywords and Relevancy. The more users interact with your pins, the more it will grow and suggested to other users based on its relevancy.

Pinterest is home to provide short and easiest way of informative content be it either in the form of image, video, or gif. Before diving into the actual points of what this article is going to offer, let's learn about two basic utilities of Pinterest-- Pins and Boards. When you work on Pinterest, these are two the things that you are going to work on the most.

What Is A Pin In Pinterest?

What Is A Pin In Pinterest? - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Pin is a bookmark that people use to interact and save content they love on Pinterest. A pin contains Title, Description (500 Characters), Alt text, and Destination link (URL to any webpage). People can search for Pins, click on Pin's outbound URL and save them into their own boards.

If you have a business account, you can create Pins that link back to your website to promote your products and ideas with Pinterest users. Pins are suggested to users based on their activity and interaction to related pins.

Types Of Pins In Pinterest

Types of Pins in Pinterest - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

There are 4 types of Pins you can explore and create on Pinterest.

  1. Image Pin - Image pins are the regular pins you usually encounter with. They simply contains a thumbnail, short description and a link to a blog, or any other kind of webpage. Pinterest also supports GIF animation as an image pin.

  2. Carousel Pin - There was a time when social media only allows use of one image per post. Now there is a feature called Carousel post which was first introduced on Instagram. A carousel is a Pin with multiple images. Carousel pins are made in a situation where there is a need to divide information into several parts in the form of images. The carousel pin will show dots for the number of pages below the pin image.

  3. Video Pin - Video pins are the best way to viral your content as they are easy to gain engagement among users. Video pins are also easy to interact with and can provide huge information within a minute of clip.

  4. Idea Pin - Idea pins are also known as Story pins. We all are aware with the Stories we see on social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. Idea pins are used similarly like we do on other platforms. Idea pins are mainly used to make announcements, or share exclusive information to the followers. Idea Pins last forever and do not disappear after 24 hours.

What Is A Board In Pinterest?

What Is A Board In Pinterest? - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

A Pinterest board is a collection where users create, collect, and save similar pins. Usually, each board has its own independent theme or purpose. For instance, you may have a social media marketing board or a graphic design board. Your Pinterest profile is made up of multiple boards that cover each of your interests.

Board is a group of Pins used in Pinterest if you want to organize or save Pins. Even if you don't create a Board, you can still check and save other Pins. You can create new boards from your profile or when you create a new Pin.

You can create as many boards as you want. It all depends on how much you want to sub-divide and categorize your content. Pinterest also allow users to create a section inside a board to make their content even more diversified.


To give you a heads up, here's analytics of our own Pinterest account which brings traffic to our blog posts. It's a 90 Days data, nothing extraordinary but you will get an idea.

90 Days Growth Power Of Pinterest - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Pinterest can't replace regular SEO work, but it can bring some quality traffic to your blog. Just follow these 7 given tips, repeat them on regular basis and wait for results.


1. Create & Save Pins Regularly

1. Create & Save Pins Regularly - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Create around 10 pins daily on regular basis. No more, no less. Pinterest allows users to create and save as many pins as possible, but they also makes sure that no one violate this feature by spamming pins that redirects to the same webpage. Flooding Pinterest with repeated pin is only going to result in negative reach. If possible, you can tell your friends to save your pins on their boards, or just ask other creators to exchange pins engagement.

Why Create Pins Regularly? Well, more than estimated 10 Millions pins are created on daily basis. That means more and more content are being curated on Pinterest. So, how are you willing to compete with other creators who tend to create pins related to your niche? Take half an hour out of your busy schedule and focus on adding more, interesting content on Pinterest to keep engaging with the users. Write catchy titles to make your pin go viral.

Pin what's popular and make sure you're not pinning the same URL any more than once in a 24 hour period. It's always a good idea to stay on-topic and share relevant content on Pinterest. Safe Pinning strategies are around 10-15 Pins per day for good reach and engagement. You can also schedule the publishing of your pins, so that it would become easier for you to publish next day's pins a day before. You can schedule your pins up to a month before.

Online Tools like Canva, Tailwind Tribes, and ViralContentBee are available for users to design and promote their pins to increase their engagement. If you still not that good at designing your own pin, then you can hire a professional if that comes under your budget.

2. Make Eye-Catching Thumbnails

2. Make Eye-Catching Thumbnails - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Everyone wants to make their pin viral. Because Pinterest is based on images and video content, then it is completely up to you on how you're going to make other people interact with your content. The rule is to make-eye catchy, mouth watering pins to attract more users. You can use graphic design software like Photoshop, or Illustrator to begin or use online tools like Canva.

There are over 250 billion pins saved on Pinterest with a total of 300 million Pinterest users. What you have to do is do some research on the style of thumbnails and images users are creating related to your niche. Suppose you offer Canva templates on your website and want to create a pin related to it, then search some pins on the keyword 'Canva Templates' and find some design inspiration from the same pin.

Tips To Make Quality Designs For Your Pin:

  • Add catchy titles on your pin design and use easy to read & large font.

  • Make sure your text is visible clearly. Use a colored text box to highlight your text.

  • Experiment with your font. Don't include too much text. Add clip arts to fill empty space.

  • Take minimal and clean approach to design your thumbnail or image pin.

  • Make colorful pins that looks modern.

  • Make sure your Pin is vertical, has an aspect ratio of 2:3, and the minimum height is 1000 by 1500 pixels.

One thing to keep in mind is to make relevant thumbnail of your pin, to make sure your content really do justice when users interacting with them. Misleading them with showing an irrelevant image to a different type of content is only going to waste their time, and nobody wants that.

3. Save Relevant Pins

3. Save Relevant Pins - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Saving other user's pins on your categorized board is the way to go. Why is that? Suppose you own a board which contains Pins of a specific niche, that could be graphic design, fashion, crypto, financial, home decor, etc. etc. So what happens is when you add or save other user's pin to your own board, that basically makes your board grow with each added pin. That increase your board's relevancy, and will display your content more often on the feeds of other Pinterest users.

EXAMPLE: These are the steps to understand how saving other pin works.

  • Suppose you are a crypto expert, and wants to redirect Pinterest users to your own blog. First thing you would need to do is to create a board. What a Pinterest board actually do is store pins of a certain topic/niche (Well it's up to you, your pins will turn into a mess if not organized properly) as a collection of pins.

  • Taking crypto as a niche, what you should do next is to sub-divide it into certain topics like Bitcoin, Types Of Crypto, NFT, Crypto Trading, Crypto Mining, Crypto Tax & Regulations, etc.

  • Now you might get the idea. Next thing is to turn these topics into different boards. One board for Bitcoin related pins, another one for NFT, and so on. Think of these then created boards as a collection of information on a specific niche.

These boards later become a collection of information based on a single topic. If someone actually is interested in that niche, then he/she will surely explore your board and visit your webpage if found something really informative. Pin consistently and frequently. If not traffic to your website, it can still be used in spreading your brand awareness and increase sales. Using this method surely going to increase user engagement to your content.

4. Video Pins

4. Video Pins - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

We all know what is the best form of content online world that promotes and boost the value of a brand. The answer actually is Video Content. Everyone is familiar with what happened after TikTok and Instagram Reels came into the light and took the internet by storm. And now almost every brand, as well as influencers changed their form of promotion method into video content.

Video content has huge engagement, reach, and they interact well with the target audience. But short videos are killing it soon after they are added on the internet. Started from Vine, now short videos are being served on almost every giant social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Same engagement trick applies on Pinterest. You can add videos into your profile that ranges from 4 seconds to 15 minutes.

Video pins works better than image pins and does a great job of capturing your audience's attention on Pinterest, but they are not as great at gaining clicks to a website. Video pins are good for providing useful information in shortest duration possible, that doesn't deny the fact that video pins could play a major role in bringing recognition to your brand.

How To Create Video Pins?

  • Method 1 - You can simply add an animated text or an animated clip on the top of your image pin design to turn it into a video pin. Video editing software like Premiere Pro or FIlmora can do the job for you.

  • Method 2 - Just like method 1, instead of using animated text, try adding effects and overlays on top of your image pin. You can use any basic video editor for that.

  • Method 3 - Head over to Canva, then upload your pin image you want to turn into a video pin. You will be shown some templates to design and options to add text, or graphics on top of that. Follow some steps and once you've finished designing the media, click DOWNLOAD to save your video to your computer.

5. Work On Popular & Trendy Niches

5. Work On Popular & Trendy Niches - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Competitive or Trendy niches are some of the categories which, if done correctly could bring massive traffic to your blog. These are not just niches, but also some of the trending keywords that can help you grow your Pinterest account.

Top Searches on Pinterest | Some Popular and Profitable Niches on Pinterest:

  • Home Décor

  • Graphic Design

  • Art

  • Travel

  • Photography

  • DIY Crafts

  • Photography

  • Design Templates

  • Backgrounds

  • Technology

  • Animals

  • Education

  • Hair and Beauty

  • Quotes

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Food

  • Fashion

  • Health and Fitness

Even though the competition is high in such categories, it's still worth it to invest some time and energy to actually provide high quality work. Pinterest users usually scrolls through approximately 30-40 pins before finding something interesting. If you can actually provide some useful, informative pin, then chances are you will surely get some visitors to your blog.

6. Keyword Research

6. Keyword Research - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

You can add targeted keywords in the description of a pin. The more keywords you add into a Pin's description, the more it reaches and drive traffic. But that excludes the idea of spamming and flooding irrelevant keyword into a certain pin. Keyword inserting part comes later and It is always recommended to insert summarized, or short description related to the title of your blog into the description area.

Keyword targeting lets you reach people who are looking for a specific idea on Pinterest. Pinterest has an in-built feature that allows creators to plan the keyword campaign for their content. Here, you can see what niche or specific keyword works best on Pinterest and also look into the monthly search volume of a certain keyword.

We did some keywords research for you. Hope that would give some perspective on how much of a traffic some niches get and the traffic you can get from Pinterest.

Monthly Search Volume Of Popular Keywords On Pinterest:


Home decor ideas 5M+

Diys home 5M+

Graphic design 5M+

How to infographic 5M+

How to make infographics 5M+

Recipe infographic 5M+

Recipes 5M+

Food reciped 5M+

Snacks 5M+

Home 5M+

Gardening ideas 5M+

Garden tips 5M+

Dog ideas 5M+

Crafte 5M+

Youtube tips 5M+

best editing apps 5M+

Healthy food 5M+

Style 5M+

Fashion tips 5M+

How to photoshop 5M+

Photoshop editing 5M+

Photoshop tutorial 5M+

Make up idea 5M+

Monthly Search Volume Of Popular Niches On Pinterest:

When searched these main keywords, you can expect following keywords to work in your favor. Diversifying your content based on certain niche can bring huge exposure and growth. We did some research for you to save your time. You can pick any of these niches, work on them, include these keywords (If relevant and not spamming).

Graphic Design (5M+ Monthly Searches)


Graphic designer

Website design

Web design

Design your


Design templates

Gradients set

Color palettes

Design your own

Graphic design tips

Design things

Pattern design

Design mockups

Heading design

Graphic illustration

Graphics design logo

Graphics inspiration

Branding design

Design layouts

Photography (5M+ Monthly Searches)


Photography ideas


Photography tumblr


Baby photography

Photo ideas

Bridals photography

Photography qoutes

Beginning photography


Selfie photography

Apparel photography

Aesthetic photography

Candid photography

Christmas photography

Landscape photography

Wedding photography

Home Decor (5M+ Monthly Searches)




Home decoration

Decoration home


Indoor pattern

Decoration ideas

Home decor ideas

Diy decor

House decor

Room decor

Home design

Bedroome decor

Decor inspiration

House decorations ideas

Kitchen decor

Farmhouse decor

Fall decor

Apartment decorating

Decor diys

Old decor

Cute decor

Food (5M+ Monthly Searches)



Food reciped

Food love


Healthy food

Yummy food

Whole foods

Best food

Food yummies

Food to make

Good food

Foods to cook

Food timing

Amazing foods

Healthy food

Food styling

Diet food

Love food

Food yums

Fashion (5M+ Monthly Searches)



Fashion tips

Women fashion

Style fashion

Fashion ideas

Style inspiration


Love fashion

Fashion we love

Fashion world

Casual outfits

Fashion make up

Cute fashion

Fashion love

Tumblr fashion

Pretty fashion

Plus style

Old fashioned love

Fashion looks

Girly fashion

Here M+ means Millions and beyond, and that could be far more than just 5 millions. Some of them could be even 10 millions and more. Imagine getting ranked on any of these keywords on Pinterest, that's what we call a viral pin with guaranteed traffic.

7. Using Hashtags

7. Using Hashtags - 7 Pinterest Tips To Drive Traffic On Your Blog In 2022

Hashtags on Pinterest work like keywords in the process of making a pin. Benefits of using hashtags are similar to adding relevant keywords whereas hashtags works even better if they are relevant. Hashtag separates content from different niches for the ease of user such as #art #design #quotes #marketing #interiordesign etc. Pinterest lets user to enter a keyword or hashtag in the search bar, to find the content they're looking for.

As of 2022, using hashtags in the pin description is a great idea to get your pin to show up to the target audience on Pinterest. Pinterest allows adding hashtags to the relevant places as hashtags are used to widespread the content. It is recommended to use maximum of 10 hashtags per pin. Even if you don't use them in a pin it's up to you, your loss, but not more than 10.

Tips To Use Hashtags In Your Pin:

  • Use words/phrases that describe your content.

  • Check hashtags search results for relevance.

  • Use only 8-10 hashtags.

  • Insert hashtags at the end of your description.

  • Don't edit old Pins to to add new hashtags or keywords. Create a new one.

Most Popular Hashtags On Pinterest You Can Use In 2022 Are:


No other platform is even close to Pinterest when it comes to content bookmarking. What Pinterest delivers and what it actually is capable of is what many creators are unaware of. If you write blog posts, own a business or needs a platform for design inspirations, then Pinterest is the best platform for you. It is free to use and you can reach thousands of users daily without even having to spend a penny. Open your account today on Pinterest, Claim your website and start making quality pins.

Later in our future article, we'll discuss on how to track Analytics Performance and Insights of a business account on Pinterest.

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