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Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

Designing a logo comes with a bit of research and timeless rough work. Every great logo design comes from a unique concept which makes it stand in crowd and increase its brand value. From choosing a unique font, color scheme, logo type, or taking a whole different approach, a good logo design basically comes from following the designing principles.

Whether you use a plugin, design tools or just follow those basic rules for a logo design, having a productive value and a vision for a logo design project is a must. A perfect logo is hard to achieve, but following some basic steps can lead to an eye catchy logo design that can create brand awareness. Be it a rebranding, marketing, or other form of work, a logo design must be updated soon if things aren't working as they should be.

Eliminating the hope of basic designing mistakes, let's find out about those 5 factors that really makes a perfect logo design.



PRECISE GRIDDING - Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

Gridding in logo design is using circles, lines and spacing to create a grid that influences the shape and form of a logo. See the example below. By using bits and pieces of actual circles, we were able to create a circular logo shape that looks precise and clean. Doing this can instantly enhance your design results.

Gridding is the process of utilizing circles, spacing, and lines to develop a grid that defines the form or shape of your logo. Using fragments of real circles allows designers to create a crisp and precise round logo design. Proper use of the gridding process is critical in enhancing the final results of your logo design.


TYPEFACE - Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

Consider every aspect of the logo design, like the typeface or font. This section varies based on your logo design type. For example, assuming you are designing an icon symbol or brand mark logo, choose a typeface or logo during the initial stages of your design. Doing so helps you avoid having a weird combination or losing the complex work you will have invested in your logo.


AVOID BANKING ON TRENDS - Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

Logo design trends disappear as fast as they emerge. However, some trends may linger around for longer. While watching out for the latest trends helps you understand what your target audience expects from you, avoid depending on trends entirely.

Doing so makes your logo vulnerable to becoming obsolete once the trend ends. Be creative and think of a unique idea that sets you apart from your competitors. You want to ensure your logo is timeless.


TIMELESSNESS - Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

A great logo can withstand the test of time. Some of the oldest brands including Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Colgate, Ford, and Mercedes have retained the same logo or decades. The reason for such longevity is because of the choice of a timeless design.

When designing a logo, think about the future and not about the need to drive sales today. If you have intentions to grow your brand, don’t go for trends in logo design but instead something that tells your brand’s vision. Ask yourself, will the logo still be relevant a few years down the line? If you keep tinkering with your logo, it will become counterproductive and you risk losing your customers’ loyalty and trust.


PERSONALITY - Factors That Makes A Perfect Logo #3

When people look at your business logo, they should see something out of the ordinary that represents your brand. A logo with a personality leverages creativity to create an instant connection with target audiences.

Have you ever noted how easy it is to connect with the Google logo anywhere you see it? It could be the play with colors but their logo stands out. You should also give your logo that aha-moment by adding some personality to it.


The perfect logo can set your business apart from competitors. Leverage these tips to create the ideal logo that meets your business needs. Give your clients a progress review every few days if you are working on a larger project. Take their feedback and constantly fuel it back into your work. Let them feel like they are involved and part of the process. This will keep your design progress on track and result in a satisfied and happy client.

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