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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

In a world full of similar brands, it is tough to distinguish one from the other. As a business owner, you have to invest heavily in branding to distinguish your business from others. Branding helps build lasting relationships and with your customers, grow revenue, improve customer retention among other positives. Many customers identify and connect with brands through the logo. It is the first thing a customer notices about your business and thus forms the foundation for branding. A perfect logo helps customers from a good first impression of your business. As such you need to design a great and easily identifiable one for your business. The ideal logo should explain what your business is and what it does. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect logo.


One of the mistakes that many businesses make is developing a sophisticated logo. A simple design is easy to work with, but a sophisticated one may be harder to understand. Your target audience may not identify a complex logo design. Choose a logo design that your target audience can associate with your brand with minimal struggle. Excessively intricate or ornate fonts that are difficult to read should be avoided or used very lightly. Heavy use of gradients, shadowing and glow effects can be distracting. A great logo has clear lines that the viewer can identify before losing interest in complex artistry. Strive for less text, more white space.


Ensure your line work is crisp and illustrator shapes are complete and well closed. Be on the lookout for irregular fill pieces and unclosed shapes within your logo. Always use a vector-oriented program to make your designs scalable without causing pixelation. Make sure all of your shapes in Illustrator are closed and complete. Make sure there are no outliers or random fill pieces of unclosed shapes hidden in your design. Also, make sure you are using a vector-based program so that your designs are scalable without becoming pixelated.


Nearly all excellent logos feature a captivating symbol that separates them from competitors. To have a distinct logo design for your business, you include a fitting symbol. Exercise your creativity to ensure the symbol you choose fits your brand. There are different ways of including symbols in your logo. For example, some brands integrate word marks in text with a unique writing style to make logos catchy. Other organizations combine a symbol with their brand name to create a captivating logo. Many brands integrate company names with a symbol or image within their logo. Emblems are popular examples of logos that combine a symbol, an icon, and text.


When building a logo design, go for something that looks equally good on all internet devices. Responsive web design means your logo suit all devices and there is no need for the viewer to enlarge or minimize it for their screen. The same applies for application on any print materials during advertising.


One reason you need a logo is to make it easier for your target audience to identify you from the crowd. As such, you need a logo design that stands out in the cluttered marketplace. A distinct logo is a great asset in branding as it makes it easier to build brand awareness, increase visibility among other things. Once you take it to market and use it on your merchandise and advertising campaigns, it won’t take long before your target customers start identifying your brand using the logo.


The perfect logo can set your business apart from competitors. Leverage these tips to create the ideal logo that meets your business needs. Give your clients a progress review every few days if you are working on a larger project. Take their feedback and constantly fuel it back into your work. Let them feel like they are involved and part of the process. This will keep your design progress on track and result in a satisfied and happy client.

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