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What Is The Most Difficult Part About Being A Freelancer?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

What Is The Most Difficult Part About Being A Freelancer

In the digital world of social media where basically anything from videography, photography, digital marketing, writing, shopping & selling can be done online. People are inclining more towards learning digital skills and working online full time.

After the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic, many employees lost their job due to the lockdown. On the other side, that gave birth to a modern name Work From Home for those who were continued to work during the pandemic. Working from home is basically as same as a regular job but with some added comfort of staying at home.

There are many designers, writers and coders who believe in self employment and does not want to work in any typical job. This is the situation where Freelancing comes in. Freelancing is basically working whenever you want and however you want. Freelancers make their own time schedules and habits for work which makes them their own boss. It means they can earn full commission out of a project.

As we talked earlier about Covid-19 lockdown when some lost their jobs, this was the time when freelancing became a life savior alternative for those who are willing to work irrespective of getting paid less. Freelancing could be done both online and locally and more companies are hiring freelancers than ever before.

Freelancing Facts

One could argue that being a freelancer comes with perks and freedom from all the burden that comes up with working in a regular job. Some might think that freelancers charge a hefty amount for their work and get paid very well. All these statements are somehow true but we all can agree on the fact that nothing is perfect and flawless, same applies for freelancing.

Like every other job out there, freelancers also face some difficulties in the beginning of their freelancing career. These problems could be varies from delivering quality work to financial problems or client management. Even experienced workers who turned into freelancing faces some issues in this field.

Here are some of the difficulties every freelancer faces:

  • Getting First Project

  • Getting Good Ratings/Reviews

  • Project Pricing

  • Personal Expanses

  • Finding Work Regularly

  • Client's Trust

  • Tight Deadlines

  • Client's Expectations

  • Time Management

  • Keeping Productivity

  • Competition

  • Low Freelancing Benefits

1. Finding Next Project

There are many factors that can demotivate a freelancer to continue working on this line of field, but one of the major difficulty a freelancer faces is that they have to Keep on looking for the next work/project even while working on an ongoing project. This situation is quite bad for those who fully rely on earning from freelancing work. Such freelancers continuously bids for project on various freelancing sites in the hope of getting selected.

Finding Next Project

TIP: Building client's trust is a great way of getting future projects. Freelancers must work on building a network of clients based on types of project they requires.


2. Project's Pricing

Another difficult part being a freelancer is to work on Project's pricing. Freelancers are clueless and desperate in the beginning, thus make efforts of getting a project by pricing their services cheap in order to stand up against the competitors. This trick will work as a local freelancing, but this trick backfires in the online selling as the client's psychology is exact opposite and they prefers service with great quality and above average pricing. Convincing online clients is much more difficult than convincing one in front of you.

Project's Pricing

TIP: Freelancers must price their services based on what they are capable of making and what their competitors are offering.


3. Personal Finances

Freelancing can provide a good income with some reputed client base, but this field is unpredictable and a client can change his mind whenever he wants. Not everyone is financially stable and some goes to full time freelancers. Personal finances is an issue which affects them mentally and force them to make mistakes in a desperate attempt. They have to pick a project on daily basis in order to sustain their personal finances. Thus freelancing makes them vulnerable if their regular clients somehow stop taking their services.

Personal Finances

TIP: Freelancers should always have some spare money and must not always rely on freelance earning. This applies to both beginner and reputed professional freelancers.


Freelancing is fun when you have no time constraints and have freedom to pick whatever project you like. Yes there are some factors which can make someone think twice before entering into this field, but what you receive in return will definitely overshadows their negative aspects.

It's never been too late to start something new. Start selling your services online by adding your portfolio on various freelancing websites.

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