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17 Beautiful LUTs Pack For Premiere Pro (FREE & PAID)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

As a content creator, we all want the final output of our video project to spark and speak for itself, and that includes color grading. There are tons of professional video editing software out there that allows you to manually color-correct your videos without having to use 3rd party LUTs, but still creators do like to use them.

LUT stands for Look Up Table and they are basically presets made by professionals and creators to color grade an entire footage with a single click without having to manually adjust each color correction tabs. These LUTs comes as a preset file in .CUBE extensions and contains a set of different color profiles. As we all know that color grading is essential in post-processing part of editing a video, so why not share or talk about some of the beautiful LUTs available to download.

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17 Beautiful LUTs Pack For Premiere Pro (FREE & PAID) Davinci Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas

If you want to download best LUTs for Premiere Pro, then this list includes both free and paid LUTs available to download from various sites. Some of the LUTs you download from this list will require a password to unlock. Here you can get best LUTs for Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Cooking, Cinematic, Mood, Dark, Warm & Cool shots for Premiere Pro, DaVinci resolve, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas. You can get password files from the description of each LUT video.

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Read this article till last and explore 19 best & beautiful LUTs you can use in your project in Premiere Pro.


1. Grecian Ideal LUTs

By Film Crux

Download this free Grecian Ideal LUTs Pack which includes 9 gorgeous free LUTs to use in Adobe Premiere Pro or any other program that allows the use of LUTs. In Adobe Premiere Pro CC, just create an adjustment layer above your footage and drag it out over the clips you want to color grade.

Grecian Ideal FREE LUTs Pack Includes 9 LUT Profiles:

  • Philos

  • Isos

  • Neos

  • Opsis

  • Bios

  • Osteon

  • Scopos

  • Theos

  • Monos

Download - Grecian Ideal 9 FREE LUTs

2. Custom Stylized LUTs

By Todd Blankenship

These LUTs are designed for Log footage, that means they were designed to be applied to footage with a significantly flat look. So, if you’re shooting on a more standard color curve, these LUTs could be too intense when applied to your footage.

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When added onto other Log curves (F-LOG, C-Log, S-Log, etc.), you may find that you’ll need to turn down the intensity of the LUT, or tweak some other settings, to get it sitting just right. Just experiment with them yourself and see what looks you can get.

Custom Stylized LUTs Pack Includes 13 LUT Profiles:

  • Orange And Blue

  • Cold Chrome

  • Blue Hour

  • Blue Architecture

  • Waves

  • Long Beach Morning

  • Hard Boost

  • Crisp Autumn

  • Dark And Somber

  • Lush Green

  • Natural Boost

Download - 13 Custom Stylized LUTs

3. Cinematic LUTs Pack

By Filtergrade

Cinematic LUTs from Filtergrade is a pack of free cinematic LUTs which you’ll be able to use to add unique effects to your videos and adjust them to your liking. These LUTs are compatible with the traditional and mobile video editors.

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Cinematic LUTs Pack Includes 8 Free LUT Profiles:

  • Cine Basic

  • Cine Bright

  • Cine Cold

  • Cine Drama

  • Cine Teal Orange

  • Cine Teal Orange 2

  • Cine Vibrant

  • Cine Warm

This download pack includes 8 .CUBE LUTs files and a help file for support.

Download - The Free Cinematic LUTs Pack

4. Instagram LUTs Color Filters Preset

By Debrup Travel & Films

Here is 12 Free Instagram Color Filter Preset or Instagram luts for Premiere Pro. Its a Color Preset Pack #2 for Adobe Premiere Pro. This free cinematic luts are matching with 12 color filter of Instagram. Below color filters are included in this Pack #2 of free preset of premiere pro.

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Instagram Color Filters Pack Includes 12 Free LUT Profiles:

  • Aden

  • Amaro

  • Gingham

  • Nashville

  • Juno

  • Perpetua

  • Rise

  • Ludwig

  • Moon

  • Inkwell

  • Willow

  • Sierra

Download - 12 FREE Instagram Color Filters LUT Files (Pack 12)

5. LOOK Creative LUT Pack

By Cinecom

This free video pack comes with 10 pre-color graded looks on the REC 709 color profile. The LUT’s are saved to .cube files to ensure better compatibility among different video editing applications.

LOOK Creative LUT Pack is compatible with most modern video editing programs. Please keep in mind that the free download only allows the materials for personal use or publication without commercial purpose.

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LOOK Creative LUT Pack Includes 10 LUT Profiles:

  • Grunge Green

  • Old Noir

  • Pastel Dream

  • Sci-Fi Cold

  • Sci-Fi Warm

  • Subtle Red

  • Subtle Sci-Fi

  • Teal And Orange

  • Vivid Teal

  • War Brown

Download - LOOK: 10 Creative LUT’s

6. 300+ LUTs Bundle Package

By BJK Production

LUT's Bundle Package is a pack of Color Grading Presets for Premiere Pro. It is a complete bundle pack of more than 300 color profile LUTs for cinematic and mood video footages.

LUTs Bundle Package Includes 300+ LUT Profiles:

  • Cinematic Color Presets

  • Warm Color Presets

  • Vintage Color Presets

  • Drone Color Presets

  • Clean Color Presets

  • Music Video Color Presets

  • Vlog Color Presets

  • Contrast Color Presets

  • AND MANY MORE 300 +

Download - 300 + LUT's Bundle Package

7. SB Wedding LUTs Pack

By Vanessa & Ivo

Created by Vanessa & Ivo, SB Wedding LUTs is a pack of video filters made to help you add incredible romantic tones and detailed looks to your videos.

Start editing your wedding videos with these beautiful LUTs. These LUTs are not “cinematic” or “film like”, They’re warm, colorful and contrasty.”

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SB Wedding LUTs Pack Includes:

  • 12 Video LUTs

  • 9 Color

  • 3 B&W

  • S-Log LUTs (Shot with Sony)

  • Romantic Tones

  • Wedding Effects

  • Free Help Files & Support

Download - SB Wedding LUTs Pack

8. Hollywood Cinematic LUT Pack

By Cinematic Library

Hollywood Cinematic LUT pack delivers exactly what its name suggests. It is a small package of 4 LUT profiles that resembles the same color grading of Hollywood level. You can use these LUTs in your cinematic shots, traveling videos, still footage.

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Download - Hollywood Cinematic LUT Pack

9. 30 Cinematic LUTs Pack

By Debrup Travel & Films

Cinematic LUTs pack is a pack of 30 LUT profiles that you can apply on your video footage. This pack of LUTs are best for traveling and drone shots. You can download and use these LUTs for free into your video in Adobe Premiere Pro and bring the aesthetics of your shots.

Download - 30 Cinematic LUTs Pack

10. Sports Creative LUT Pack V1

By Juan Morales

The "Sports Creative LUTs V1" pack contains 3 looks, including versions for LOG footage & for flat profiles, so you are getting SIX files in this pack. These LUTs are compatible with almost any video editing software (Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro).

Each LUT comes with two versions, one for LOG based footage (such as SLOG2, CLOG, SLOG 3) and one for flat picture profiles (such as CINE4 & HLG).

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Sports Creative LUT Pack V1 Includes:




Download - Sports Creative LUT Pack V1

11. 10 Free LUTs Pack


Free LUTs pack by Angr is a collection on 10 free cinematic color grading profiles that you can use to pop-out colors or change mood of your footage. Enjoy this free package of LUTs and enhance the overall quality of your videos.

Download - 10 Free LUTs Pack

12. Film Tones LUTs Collection


Produced by the creative team at IWLTBAP, Film Tones is video LUTs collection consists of 20 original lookup tables that are perfect for all types of raw footage. Using their LUTs, you will be able to create bright, warm moods for sunny desert scenes, dark moody tones for melancholic scenes, blue summer tones for beach scenes, and many more! Add realistic cinematic looks in no time with these incredible LUTs from IWLTBAP.

Film Tones LUTs Collection are compatible in a number of photo and video editing software programs on the market including Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro.

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Film Tones LUTs Collection Includes:

  • 20 Cinematic LUTs

  • Cool/Warm Looks

  • Natural Earthy Tones

  • Versatile Effects

  • .CUBE & .3DL Support

  • .look Support for Premiere Pro

  • FREE PDF Walkthrough

Download - Film Tones LUTs Collection

13. DJI OSMO POCKET Creative LUTs Pack

By Looksandluts

Creative LUTs is a pack of 20 colorful and inspirational LUTs in two main formats: .cube and 3dl both standard (Rec 709) and D-Cinelike to speed your color grading – plus a BONUS LUTs folder. All you need to do is adjust your basic exposures, contrasts, and white balancing before applying these presets.

These LUTs can be used not only for video footage but for pictures as well and they are compatible with many videos and photo editing software. All of the LUTs have been tested and you can use the standard version with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Speedgrade, DaVinci Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Power Director, Cyberlink ColorDirector Edius, HitFilm, Sony Vegas and many other LUT capable software.

DJI Osmo Pocket Creative LUTs Pack Includes:

  • 2 Main folders in

  • 3dl Format

  • .cube Format

  • 4 Subfolders:

  • 01 Technical Luts – D-Cinelike to Rec 709 Luts (D-Cinelike conversion lut to standard video Rec 709)

  • 02 Osmo Pocket LUTs (20 LUTs in the standard video)

  • 03 Osmo Pocket D-Cinelike LUTs (20 LUTs from D-Cinelike to standard video)

  • 04 Bonus LUTs (10 additional FREE LUTs)

Download - DJI OSMO POCKET Creative LUTs Pack

14. Moody Cinematic LUTs

By Cinematic Library

Looking for Moody Cinematic LUTs for Adobe Premiere pro? Check out the Free Moody Cinematic LUTs pack to change the entire mood and ambience of your footage. Moody Cinematic LUTs is a pack of 6 LUT color profiles that are completely free to use.

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Download - Moody Cinematic LUTs

15. Pre Wedding Color LUTs

By Nik Edits

Wedding season is coming. Here are 8 FREE Pre Wedding Color LUTs for your wedding video projects. With these color profiles, you can Color Grade your Wedding Films Fast and Easy. These are one of the beautiful LUTs you can get for wedding. They are quick, easy to use, look great, and best of all, they're free!

Download - Pre Wedding Color LUTs

16. Warm LUTs Pack

By Cinematic Library

Warm LUTs is a small package of 2 color profiles designed to change the mood of your video into warm tone to represent the feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. These LUTs can be used in Adobe premiere pro and they are completely free to use.

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Download - Warm LUTs Pack

17. Dark & Moody LUT Pack

By 00 Editing

If you are into capturing semi-dark photos or have a special place for making videos in dark mood environment, then Dark & Moody LUT pack is the best package for you. Use these color profiles in cooking videos, instagram reels, moto-vlogs, cinematography. You can download these LUTs in .CUBE format.

This LUTs pack can be used in After Effects, Premiere Pro, VN Video Editor, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolved, and many other editing software that supports .CUBE LUT profiles.

Download - Dark & Moody LUT Pack
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