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Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube In 2023

Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Graphic Design is one of the most popular and profitable skill you can master today. From corporate branding to print production, every business nowadays require professional designers to give their brand a friendly face.

Now, if you are interested in learning creative content, you will need some resources to start with. For designing amazing graphics, you require a graphics software and creative ideas. We as a creators are always on a search for amazing free learning resources to start learning any new skill. And, for learning graphic design, YouTube is one of the most preferred resources.

You can bookmark this article, go through the YouTube channels, learn the basics, practice and start providing graphic design services to build a solid portfolio. Now, let us start with our list of top Creative and Inspiring Design Artists.


Gal Shir - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Gal Shir is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tel Aviv, known for his inspirational drawing videos featuring a playful, colorful and imaginative style. After years working as a designer and illustrator for startups, mainly at, Gal quit his job to become an independent artist and to focus solely on his creative pursuits. His artwork gained massive exposure on social media where he's cultivating an ever growing community of artists and fans.

From authentic textures to hand-picked color palettes, from web apps to worksheets, Gal is developing a unique toolbox for everyone who creates art, no matter if they're just starting out or have years of experience. His products are being used by tens of thousands of artists, designers, and other creatives from all over the world.

In 2021, Gal launched Float, a web app that brings illustrations to life. Float animates the layers and presents any artwork in whole new dimension.

In 2020, Gal launched Pose, a simple web app for character posing, designed to help people with character illustration. Pose was inspired by Gal's personal struggle with drawing characters. Pose is used by over 30,000 illustrators and designers that integrate it into their art process.

In 2019, Gal published his very first book, where he shares his journey. The book includes tips and lessons he has learned growing his audience on social media being an independent content creator. By sharing his most precious insights, Gal helps other people develop and succeed with their own creative journey.

In 2015, Gal launched Color Hunt, to provide designers with a free and curated collection of beautiful color palettes. Color Hunt became one of the most popular online resources for color inspiration and is being used by 20k+ creatives every single day.

Total Subscribers: 662k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: July 26th, 2013


Dansky - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Dansky's real name is Daniel White. He is a creator who's mission is to empower others through creative education and expression. Independent thinker.

He is a professional designer that has passion and talent for teaching others. If you have ever searched for Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, you probably watched at least one of his videos. Daniel is working in this industry for 12 years as a full-time employee and a freelancer, while decided to dedicate all his time to tutorials creation. His interests and skills are broad; Daniel is not only an experienced Adobe products user but he also uses Sketch, Illustrator, and non-designer software such as Trello.

Total Subscribers: 827k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: October 1, 2014


Gigantic - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Mark Rise is a inspiring graphic artist. His channel was Gigantic then he later changed his channel name to his name Mark Rise, and now he again changed his channel name to Gigantic.

Mark is a Graphic Artist who lives in Montenegro. His specialization is to create flat character designs in Adobe Illustrator. Along with Flat Illustrations he also makes motion graphic tutorials. He also post his work on Tumblr. From there you will be able to use the illustrations for personal and commercial projects, an unlimited number of times. You will get the vector files with separated parts. So, you can mix all the parts and change colors as well.

Total Subscribers: 230k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: December 24, 2015


Dan Gartman - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Dan Gartman is an artist, Illustrator and game developer from Ukraine based in Warsaw, Poland. He loves his job a lot that helps him produce timeless, original and modern illustrations. He tries to achieve a fresh unique appearance any project he do. This way makes him happy and proud of himself.

He mix craft, handmade techniques with digital art. Working with: ink graphic, digital art, papercraft, tattoo and different mixed mediums. He like sketches more than final picture, real craft more than digital, classic frame by frame more than 90fps.

He is a big fan of tabletop RPG's, rats, tattoos, Jim Jarmusch films, videogames, traditional animation, home sound production, mountains and pencil's taste.

Dan has worked with many Brands like Rainforest Alliance, Oxford University Press, Snapchat, Walmart, Atlassian, Embark, Wag&Love, Belnet, Nokia, MyTaxi, Lix, Practice Link, Google, Bugsplat, Codio, Compose, Postly, Swisscom.

Total Subscribers: 111k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: May 3, 2014


The Futur - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

The Futur is a group of creative professionals here to share their collective decades of wisdom and experience with you. They aim to teach, inspire and motivate those that need it.

This group of guys are based in Santa Monica, California who make videos on a variety of entrepreneurship and lifestyle topics. On YouTube they do many things like Pep Talks, practical advice and tips on how to maintain a successful business and they are focused on design industries.

Total Subscribers: 2.15M+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: February 7, 2012


Angela Kalokairinou - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Angela Kalokairinou have been drawing since 2011. She love digital drawings on iPad. Angela Kalokairinou is an artist. On her website she sales digital brushes and her own art creations in a form of prints, stickers, charms, pins etc.

She is from Greece and have been living in England for the last 5 years. She works as an architect assistant in an architectural firm and to be honest she is very much satisfied with her every day job. But she also loves art and here in this article you are going to find her digital brushes, coloring pages and my art creations like prints, stickers, charms, pins etc.

Total Subscribers: 121k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: January 1, 2011


Will Paterson - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Will Paterson is a leading Graphic Designer and Content Creator who specialises in logo design, hand lettering, brand identity and videography.

With more than 10 years of experience, Will has produced high-quality content for hundreds of clients, ranging from FTSE-listed corporations to SMEs and small-scale start-ups.

Will is a world-renowned designer whose YouTube videos and tutorials have amassed over 40 million views since it’s launch, inspiring and equipping designers all around the world to hone and develop their skills.

Total Subscribers: 776k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: June 10, 2012


Swerve Tutorials - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Swerve Tutorials is a UK based Graphic Design Channel who is skilled in many ways. Their goal is "Swerve®, Graphic Design Tutorials & Inspiration for new Designers; Learn how to use Photoshop & Illustrator. Logo Design, Techniques, Product Design and Illustrations."

Swerve Created and creates eye catching illustrations, does branding and creates animation for many products. On YouTube Swerve posts videos about Graphic Design Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I recommend that you should check his channel also.

Total Subscribers: 164k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: October 29, 2012


Femke Design - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Femke von Schoonhoven is a full-time product designer at Uber who launched her YouTube channel early 2019. Her channel hosts a variety of different videos on UX and product design as well as a look into her own career trajectory. Subscribe if you’re interested in seeing an in-depth look into the life of a UX designer.

Femke is a Senior Product Designer in British Columbia, Canada working in tech. On this channel she'll be sharing her learnings and experience being a designer, which will cover everything from UX Design to User Research, Prototyping and Product.

Total Subscribers: 73k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: August 27, 2015


Satori Graphics - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Satori Graphics is the home of graphic design content right here on YouTube. His aim is to help you become the best designer that you can be, with comprehensive graphic design tutorials across the Adobe Creative Suite (mainly Adobe Illustrator). He also dive into the principles of graphic design, and we look at the business side of graphic design too! His aim is to give you the tools you need to be a successful graphic designer.

You can boost your skills within graphic design by making great use of the valuable content there. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner designer or a more seasoned graphic designer, you can find something useful there for sure. There are awesome tutorials on graphic design theory, poster designing, logo designing, brand identity, and much much more. If you want to excel as a designer, subscribe to my channel for Illustrator and Adobe tutorials, as well as all of the graphic design content you can possibly need.

Total Subscribers: 1.12M+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: March 13, 2014


Zimri Mayfield - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Zikri's irreverent personality injects a lot of humor into each of his videos making them very entertaining. Along with a host of design tutorials, he also frequently engages with his audience in video challenges like this one where he redesigns user submitted logos.

He’s a frenetic YouTuber more akin to the likes of PewDiePie than what you’d expect from a design tutorial channel—and that’s exactly what makes him great.

Total Subscribers: 425k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: November 20, 2013


Sketch Together - Top 12 Inspiring Graphic Design Channels On YouTube

Pablo’s channel mixes design tutorials (well, it’s mostly design tutorials) with interviews with design leaders and live design sessions.

Pablo’s walkthroughs of his own successful projects, like Humaaans and Buttss (no, we’re not kidding), give insight into both his design process and how he comes up with his wild ideas.

Total Subscribers: 107k+ Active Subscribers

Joined YouTube: March 15, 2016


These 12 Channels are most effective to learn Creative Designing. Their tutorials are helpful for all types of users from beginners to advanced. So keep learning and become a pro in using Designing . Hope, you shall be an expert and also own YouTube channel like them.

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