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My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

How Did I Start To Sell My Products on the Marketplace: A Guide For Starters

Passive income is what every designer is interested in because it’s not always easy to find clients for specific projects. But this is a big advantage if you always have an airbag in the form of small but regular earnings. This is the main reason why I thought about finding a reliable marketplace to sell my graphic products.

And it seems that I found a decent platform — namely, MasterBundles. And in my post, I'm going to tell you about my own experience of selling designs on this site. It will also be useful for readers to learn about the features of MasterBundles, as well as its main advantages and disadvantages for vendors.

What About Key MasterBundles Features?

Let's start with the elementary, in case you have never worked with similar platforms before. MasterBundles is a graphic design marketplace where users can both sell and buy various products. For example:

  • Illustrations, logos, icons, SVG objects;

  • Patterns and textures;

  • Infographics;

  • Backgrounds;

  • Fonts;

  • Templates for flyers, presentations, invitations, landing pages, certificates, and more;

  • UI kits;

  • Plugins for various graphic applications;

  • Stock content.

The name of the marketplace encodes its main feature — bundles, or sets of thematically related products. Don't think that it is most important for the buyer. Bundles help vendors promote their products and boost sales, too. Also on the site, you can see individual works or freebies, which also serve to draw attention to the designs of specific users.

Assessing General Advantages & Disadvantages

What might vendors like?

  • Downloading works is possible using the Sell Your Deal form. The process is as simple as possible due to a user-friendly interface and an abundance of tips — even those who work with the marketplace for the first time will figure it out.

  • Small withdrawal limit (only $50). Vendors don't have to wait until they accumulate a large amount to get their first cash out.

  • Product moderation after its downloading is fast, and if problems arise, the site representative quickly contacts the vendor.

  • The platform commission is only 50%, which is a cool indicator compared to 60-70% of other marketplaces.

  • Vendors can set their own prices for products despite having a recommended threshold. However, keep in mind that it's better first to evaluate the pricing of products of this type already presented on the site to be more competitive.

  • A little help for vendors: the marketplace team often releases useful materials with tips and recommendations about design promotion. Additionally, your products can be added to the mailing list for 70,000+ readers.

What can spoil the experience?

  • The inability to receive 100% earnings from each sale.

  • Mandatory moderation — you cannot start selling work immediately after uploading, because the marketplace is very concerned about its reputation and doesn't want to offer low-quality work to customers.

  • Competition. It's clear that to get a stable income and frequent sales of your work, products really need to attract attention — vendors need to carefully work on the quality of designs.

My First Steps: Signing Up & Uploading Works

After carefully checking all the convenience parameters of the marketplace, I decided to try to make money by selling my works. First, I went through a quick registration and then found out that I can be not only a vendor but also combine roles (for example, be an affiliate promoting other works & getting a certain % from each sale). This would be relevant for those designers who understand online marketing in addition to creating nice products.

Then I uploaded 10+ of my works. The moderation went pretty quickly, the designs were in the certain categories of the marketplace within 1-2 days. I didn't expect that the minimum amount for withdrawal would accumulate quite quickly, but this was a pleasant surprise. By the way, you can see my designs on the marketplace profile. Here are some of them:

A minimalistic and beautiful logo that is suitable for all kinds of companies. You can choose between two color options: orange + white or dark blue + white. Users will also get four designs: gradient, white, outline and shaded.

Lit Fire Flame Gradient Logo Vector Illustration - My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

There is also an ideal logo for companies that specialize in the food products sale — whether it`s a supermarket or a small grocery store. In the preview, users can see three design options in different color schemes.

Grocery Shopping Cart Logo Template - My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

If an organization specializes in various kinds of photography services, then they may like this logo with an old-school camera. Customers can also choose among three design options — red + white + black or two black and white.

Photography Camera Vector Logo Set - My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

The logo does not look like a specific object but is simply a circular outline, so it can be considered multifunctional. Three color variations of the vector image will allow you to choose the best design.

Geometrical Symbol Corporate Logo Vector Template - My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

Here is a simple, elegant butterfly design that could be suitable for self-care-focused apps or companies working in the beauty industry. You can choose between a simple black-and-white design, white lines on a blue gradient background, or a blue gradient silhouette on a white background.

Butterfly Shape Corporate Logo Set Vector Template - My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace

And if you are looking for the perfect logo design for some security plugin or VPN service, then it is already in front of you! You only have to choose between two options — a blue gradient with white lines or a green-turquoise gradient.

Shield Security Emblem Gradient Vector Logo - My Experience In Selling Designs on MasterBundles Marketplace



Extra income is never superfluous, so if you have products suitable for sale on marketplaces, then don't miss this opportunity. I'm not sure if MasterBundles can become the main way to get money, but it's constantly evolving and has great chances to make the process of working for designers even easier and more profitable.

Even now, evaluating my capabilities, I see that it is real to save from 500 to 1000 dollars in six months, depending on the quantity and quality of products — and this amount looks pretty nice for a designer with any experience!

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