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Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples MasterBundles

If you need crown icons in your design, then we recommend paying attention to SVG objects — in the article, the pros will talk about the advantages & features of this format!

Creating Royal Designs: Explore SVG Features & Pick Some Excellent Products!

Creating the highest quality designs and web interfaces is something that many would like to get, but with ordinary graphics, it's not so easy to achieve this. But the use of the SVG format can bring this goal closer.

The MasterBundles team has prepared interesting material on this topic: in the article, we will talk about the features of the SVG format, and its advantages, as well as show seven interesting products of this type that will help designers to create great royal designs.

SVG Format: Essential Information

So, SVG is an XML markup language based on vector graphics. In fact, this is a text file, which is an open web standard for describing two-dimensional vector images without loss of quality when scaling. This format also supports interactivity and animation. It has been developed since 1999 and is used to describe the graphic elements of the site using a programming language.

If you want to embed such objects in your project and choose something suitable from the tab, then it's worth exploring some format features:

  • The size of the SVG file doesn`t depend on the size or color depth — the weight is affected by the complexity of the points and lines that make up the image;

  • The format is great for printing and indexing by search engines;

  • The file can be embedded in the HTML code of the site, which means it`s cached along with it and loads faster than images in .png or .jpeg.

  • The format isn't supported by older browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and older);

  • WordPress perceives .svg as malicious code, so it blocks the display (you can bypass the blocking using plugins).

In general, the SVG format is best suited for creating primitive objects that can be described by simple shapes or their parts: circles, lines, ellipses, rectangles, etc.

In order to edit or create vector objects from scratch, designers use various additional software. For example:

  • The Figma add-on where tools such as pen, square, line, arrow, ellipse, triangle, and star can be used by a customer.

  • The Shaper plugin allows you to add unusual shapes in one click (double circles, a shield icon, a drop, a crescent, a flower, and so on).

  • CorelDraw is the most popular graphic editor among amateurs, newbies, and advanced artists.

  • Adobe Illustrator is the world standard for the printing industry. It allows you to transfer images from a computer to paper or any other media in high quality. Zoom level up to 64000% is provided.

  • Gravit Designer is a full-featured vector editor. It's suitable for any task — from interface design and icons to work with presentations, illustrations, and animations.

Key Advantages of SVG Objects

Now let's move on to the main question — why is it worth giving preference to SVG files? In short, their use helps to increase the speed and quality of work: the designer has to do less work himself, which reduces the time spent at various stages of creating a project.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of SVG:

  • Easy modification (moreover, both in the graphical editor and on the page itself using CSS). Changing the location, shape, size, proportions, color, fill and all other properties of the constituent parts of the image is easier than in the case of raster graphics.

  • For screens with higher pixel density, one image is sufficient. In the case of raster graphics, at the moment you need at least three versions of the picture: 100% layout size, 200%, and 300%. In the case of using SVG, one version is sufficient.

  • SVG is highly adaptable and interactive. There may be links and scripts inside the image, and some parts may respond to hover and other user actions. The designer can even add animation.

And of course the high download speed! The more time passes from sending a request to displaying a page, the lower the conversion of the project. Well, SVG files, as a rule, have a smaller file size than raster versions, so they load faster.

Seven Crown SVGs: Explore The Best Examples

And so you can see the benefits of this format, we have prepared seven excellent crown SVG files found in the tab — they will help you create cool designs!

A beautiful, simple object with sixteen linear hand-drawn crowns is something that will suit most minimalist designs.

Drawn Crown SVG Vector Design - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

If you are interested not in a detailed drawing of the crown, but in the mass of different silhouettes, then it is better to pay attention to this product. In the kit, the user will find twenty-five high-quality objects.

Crown Silhouette Bundles - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

This option contains six elegant and detailed royal crown designs. Three of them are quite massive, and the other three are refined and neat.

King Crown SVG Bundle - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

Also on the marketplace, there are excellent products for creating a full-fledged image of a princess. The set includes six different tiaras with green, pink, and blue stones.

Princess Crown SVG Bundle - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

And this kit will be relevant for creating a birthday design. It includes a beautiful crown, the inscription "Birthday Queen", two flags, and hearts to match the color.

Birthday Queen SVG Bundle - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

This object contains several classic crown designs in gold-red colors with white, red, and green diamonds.

Crown SVG Files Pack - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples

And the last option is the classic golden crowns! They can hardly be called minimalistic due to the abundance of ornate lines, although there is only one shade in the design. In any case, this SVG product can become a universal decoration for royal design.

Crown SVG Pack - Why To Use SVG Format? Great SVG Crown Objects Examples



As we have already figured out, the SVG format is ideal for designing icons, logos, and user interface elements for websites. Although in fact, the scope of this format is much larger. And if you need high-quality crown objects for your design, then choose the ideal product from the review or check out the MasterBundles website and explore the full range of splendid SVG files!

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