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How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

Graphic designing is one of the most popular niches to master in 2024. Due to its vast diversity of fields such as web design, logo design, UI design, motion design, packaging and brand design, and so on, there are no limits to learning new things.

If making creative and unique designs is someone's passion then capitalizing on it isn't a bad idea. Vecteezy is one of the few marketplaces that pay royalties on the designs uploaded on their platform. When doing things right you can also make side money by working only a few hours a week.

How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

In this article, I will talk about the types of vector designs I make that sell best on Vecteezy. All the generated earnings came as a passive income in 1 and a half years. Even though $700 ain't that much to make a sustainable living, but considering it is a low-effort side hustle work, it's a good experience.

Before diving into what I sell on Vecteezy, let's first talk about how to become a contributor on Vecteezy.

1. Creating a contributor account

Creating a contributor account - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

First sign up as a Vecteezy Contributor

In the beginning, you have to have a few spare designs that you can submit to get selected. These designs must be of high quality and you should be the rightful owner. Upload a few creative designs such as photos, illustrations or vector graphics to get approved as a contributor

2. Submitting Your Designs

Vecteezy allows contributors to submit content like photos (Stock photos and illustrations), PNG images, vector EPS, photoshop PSDs, and videos. Anything creative you can provide on Vecteezy will help you generate income.

Submitting Your Designs - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

First, upload your designs and then add a title and suitable keywords on every single one of them. After submitting your designs, wait for a few days for vecteezy moderators to review your designs. If they think the quality of your designs meets their criteria, you will be accepted as a contributor. Once you are approved as a contributor you are allowed to upload more and more designs onto their platform.

What is a Free and Pro license on Vecteezy?

All the content that gets submitted to Vecteezy has an option to be submitted as either Pro or Free usage (Except Editorial use). Nonetheless, Vecteezy pays contributors for both free and pro licenses. You have complete freedom to provide any of your designs as Pro or Free.

What is a Free and Pro license on Vecteezy? - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

Free License - If you provide your designs as free on Vecteezy, your designs will generate lower revenue compared to Pro. But their visibility and reach will be much higher and hence get more downloads.

Providing your designs as a free license on Vecteezy only makes sense when you think of that particular design as a basic, like an isolated icon or simple pattern. If you provide basic designs as a pro then there is no guarantee that someone will pay to download that design. The generated amount can be around $0.30 per 40 assets downloaded.

Pro License - Designs under Pro licenses are somewhat unique. Something that a buyer feels an urge to pay for it. These designs must be like a set or collection of illustrations, icon sets, floral leaves, pattern sets, or abstract backgrounds.

Pro licenses are what generate the majority of your income. This can range from $0.20 to $5 per design depending on the plan a user has used. So working on quality designs is a must if you want your designs to be provided as a Pro.

Designs that Sell Best on Vecteezy

Talking about the kind of designs I submit on Vecteezy would be quite complicated as I create all sorts of designs be it logos, backgrounds, mockups, templates, patterns, icon sets, etc. I mostly create vector graphics and sometimes some video animations. Here is the list of a few niches that I create designs on and have the potential to sell best.

1. Icon Sets

Icon sets are the most demanding niche on Vecteezy as they get a huge number of downloads. Just simply pick a topic such as a business icon set, medical icon set, education icon set, etc, and make 8-10 or more different icons in the same style for a set.

Icon Sets - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

2. Illustrations

Basic colorful illustrations also get huge downloads on Vecteezy. Be it vector EPS or PNG files, there is a huge demand for such content. You can create illustrations of traffic signs, sports equipment (Basketball, bat, ball), party caps, body organs, religious symbols, etc.

Illustrations - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

3. Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract backgrounds need no introduction. These backgrounds are made of a unique combination of colors, shapes, and textures. They are high in demand and easy to create.

Abstract Backgrounds - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

4. Document Mockups

Every brand needs a creative representation of its brand identity on social media or its website. These can be possible by inserting their logo and contact information on blank pre-made templates of business cards, posters, smartphones, or coffee mugs.

Mockups are easy to create using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator which can later be sold to potential buyers.

Document Mockups - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

5. Logo Designs

Logo design is what creates an eye-catching identity for a brand. There are hundreds of thousands of logo design templates available on such marketplaces to sell and they sell well.

Logo Designs - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

6. Isolated Icon

Icons are basic shapes that create a symbol. When you look at the icons of your smartphone it makes it easier to recognize apps like calling, and messaging due to their respective icon. Creating an isolated icon is simpler than making a set of it and they usually sell better.

Isolated Icon - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

7. Pattern Backgrounds

A pattern is made when repeating and tiling a basic shape in such a manner that it fills the complete space and creates a background. Geometric, seamless, and repeat patterns are such backgrounds.

Pattern Backgrounds - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

8. Flower Designs

Floral designs are used for decorating borders or spaces of a design to make it look more appealing. Designs like flower Icons, flower sets, and patterns are always high in demand, and working on this individual niche can be very profitable.

Flower Designs - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

9. Festive Holiday Theme Designs

We all have different festive holidays based on the country we live in. Banners, social media post templates, or greeting cards related to basic festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, and Halloween are very popular during their month.

Creating and submitting such creative designs a few weeks before a festival can generate a good income. Always keep track of festivals and make at least 5 designs per topic.

Festive Holiday Theme Designs - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy

10. Important Days

These days are national days celebrated internationally and differ from festivals. Such days are Women's Day, Mother's Day, World Cancer Day, World Health Day, National Doctor’s Day, Independence Day, etc.

Just like creating festive holiday designs, consider such important days as equally important as they can also bring a huge number of downloads.

Important Days - How I Made $700 Selling Vector Designs on Vecteezy


If you want an in-depth complete guide to selling designs on Vecteezy, then let me know in the comment section. The next article will be coming soon.

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