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Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

The digital world is always improving. New technologies, platforms, and trends contribute to its continual growth. Businesses mostly find it challenging to stay up to date because of this. However, every obstacle presents a chance.

Businesses must adjust to recent trends and changes if they want to succeed. Read on to explore the five current logo designs to keep your business brand at the top. These trends offer your company the opportunity to use brand design strategically and stand out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The Significance of Designing for the Future

Designing for the future is the secret to the brand’s longevity and relevance. User expectations and design preferences also change as a result of the digital landscape's constant change.

Something that might have worked for your brand two years ago, may now seem outdated and irrelevant. In fact, studies show that 72% of consumers prefer to engage with brands with personalized and visually appealing experiences.

Therefore, progressive businesses know the value of continuously updating their branding, including their logos, to align with current logo design ideas, trends and user preferences.

5 Logo Trends to Consider for Emerging Brands

A logo is not just a symbol. It’s a visual identity of a brand. And the first impression that attracts and interacts with your target audience.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is not just an option. It’s an effective strategy for businesses looking to succeed.

If you want your business to stand out in a competitive market, read on. This section discovers five trendy logo designs to give your brand a competitive edge.

1. Ornamental Monograms

Ornamental Monograms - Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

In a world where less is considered more, ornamental monograms are the perfect choice.

The ornamental monogram logo includes decorative letters or initials in a stylized manner. The simple and intricate detail of this logo design makes it timeless and versatile.

This logo design normally has two or more letters. Mostly the initial of a person’s or company’s name is presented in an artistic way.

These monogram logos evoke a sense of elegance and simplicity. Hence, they can work wonders for businesses, working in the creative art industries like fashion, luxury goods, hospitality, and personal branding.

For Example — A great and popular example of a brand successfully using an ornamental monogram in its logo is Orchestra Sinfonica Di Milano. Their monogram logo has an intertwined composition of capital letter Ms.

2. Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal - Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

Liquid metal, also popular as the metallic liquid has been the go-to logo design for young and tech-savvy individuals. The sleek, metallic, and reflective aesthetic makes this logo design modern.

The smooth and reflective surface of this type of design comes from the mimicking of liquid metal, such as mercury. This reflective surface is achieved through shading, gradient, and 3D rendering techniques.

Follow the five ways to ensure your logo has the liquid metal look;

  • Apply metallic gradients for smooth light-to-shadow transitions.

  • Choose silver, gold, or chrome colors for a metallic touch.

  • Opt for fluid, curved lines to mimic liquid's flow.

  • Avoid sharp angles or edges in your logo design.

  • Add depth with 3D effects like embossing or beveling.

The liquid metal design in the logo is mostly used by modern, innovative, and high-tech industries. Businesses functioning in technology, automotive, or aerospace can choose this logo design. The fluidity and reflective quality of liquid metal logos make them visually striking. It conveys a futuristic, modern, and innovative vibe.

For Example — A brand with a liquid metal logo is Tesla, Inc. Tesla is a popular electric vehicle and clean energy company founded by Elon Musk. The logo of Tesla features a capitalized and bold “T” in a sleek and metallic silver color. The overall logo has a reflective and liquid-like finish.

3. Playful Line Doodles

Playful Line Doodles - Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

Playful line doodles are a casual and informal design approach to logos. This logo design trend is made distinctive by its fun and light-hearted casual appearance.

The simple, random, and flowing lines in this logo create a recognizable or abstract representation of objects, symbols, or animals.

The key to achieving a well-designed playful line doodle logo lies in maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. Having a limited color palette, such as black or a single color should be used to keep the focus on doodle.

This logo design is a great choice for businesses in creative industries. Businesses like design agencies, marketing firms, art studios, can leverage this option. Any business targeting a youthful and fun-loving audience can choose this design logo.

For Example — Brownce is a well-known beauty service app. The company's logo is simply made in abstracted hand-drawn lines to form the company’s name.

4. Gradient and Color Transition

Gradient and Color Transition - Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

The gradient and color transition approach in design means a smooth blend of different colors in a logo.

This design approach includes using gradual transitions from one color to another or one shade to another, i.e. lighter shade to darker. On the other hand, color transitions mean a series of colors that flow into each other.

Colors have the ability to evoke human emotions. The gradient and color transition design can be used to evoke a particular emotion in your target audience. It can also be used to convey your brand personality through a chosen color palette.

For Example — Instagram's logo evolution is the perfect example. Instagram transformed its camera icon into a vibrant, multi-colored gradient icon. The new logo with a gradient effect reflects the app's evolution into a more dynamic and visually engaging platform.

5. Distorted Geometry

Distorted Geometry - Designing For The Future: Logo Trends For Emerging Brands

The logo design of distorted geometry includes geometric shapes but is intentionally distorted or manipulated to create a unique and interesting logo.

Creating distorted shapes and angles includes various design techniques. Techniques like warping, bending, stretching, or skewing can be used to manipulate shapes.

Distorted geometry can be used to symbolize a range of concepts or ideas. You can easily alter shapes and angles to convey messages subtly, such as dynamism, growth, innovation, etc.

For Example — In 2023, Fanta introduced a redesigned logo featuring a dynamic and asymmetric triangle shape, similar to an upside down pyramid crowned by the word Fanta.

The logo's distorted shape represented the brand's spirit of youthful enthusiasm but with a serious look.


Final Words

Keeping up with the latest developments and trends is crucial for any brand aiming to distinguish itself.

While these trends provide inspiration, it's crucial to remember that a successful logo design should align with your brand's identity, values, and target audience.

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