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10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Engaging content is the heart of social media. You can attract and engage eyeballs with unique, trendy, and high-quality content. The aim is to get audiences to watch and like your posts, as well as leave comments.

Beyond that, engaging content is key to driving conversions. You may want to drive audiences to do specific actions, so having the right content is essential. With engaging content, you can guide audiences to do certain actions.

We've rounded up ten types of social media content ideas to get you more engagement. Each has different advantages and can help you be more creative in content production. Let's get into the details.

1. High-Quality Videos

High-Quality Videos - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

High-quality videos are an essential component of social media. Almost all platforms provide video features to encourage video creation. Many use videos to capture attention and convey messages effectively.

Your videos must be well-produced and engaging. You may create live-action videos with talents or animated videos with vibrant illustrations and animations. In fact, over 60% of marketers use animations for social media posts.

For instance, a cosmetics brand might create a professionally shot video showcasing the application of its new makeup line, demonstrating different looks and techniques. Meanwhile, a SaaS brand can create explainer videos to demonstrate its online solution.

2. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

User-generated content refers to content created and shared by customers. In other words, it can be testimonial videos or reviews. It may also include photos or any other form of content that features your product, service, or brand.

The main reason UGC is valuable is because it offers social proof and authenticity. It engages your audience in a more personal and relatable way. Examples of UGC include customers posting photos of themselves using a brand's product, sharing their experiences, or participating in branded challenges or campaigns.

You can encourage customers to share their testimonials and reviews on social media. In return, you can repost their content and show your appreciation to them. This strategy will also encourage loyalty.

3. Online Polls and Surveys

Online Polls and Surveys - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Polls and surveys are interactive tools. Not only are they engaging, but you can also gather feedback, insights, and opinions from your audience. They provide an opportunity for engagement and participation.

Polls typically involve asking a question with multiple-choice answers, while surveys are more in-depth and can cover a wider range of topics. It's not hard to create online polls and surveys since many platforms provide the features.

For example, you can create polls and surveys on Instagram Stories and YouTube communities. Create provoking questions to encourage audiences to leave a response.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-Scenes Content - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Behind-the-scenes content provides a glimpse into the inner workings of your brand. It showcases the people, processes, and stories behind your products or services. This type of content humanizes your brand.

It also builds authenticity and fosters a deeper connection with your audience. Examples of behind-the-scenes content are photos or videos of your team at work, the production process of your products, or sneak peeks of upcoming projects or events.

Many brands create behind-the-scene content as fun entertainment. Audiences can peek into your internal team and gain insights into how you do your business. Such content can encourage engagement, including likes and comments.

5. Educational Content

Educational Content - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Educational content provides valuable information, insights, or guidance to your audience. With informative posts, you set your brand as a trusted resource and expert in the industry.


It can take various forms, such as video tutorials, how-to guides, tips, infographics, or informative articles. The aim is to make content that addresses your audience's pain points, interests, or questions. Your aim is to help them solve problems or learn something new.

Consider collaborating with relevant and trusted influencers or experts to make your content more powerful and impactful. This is an excellent way to drive engagement and expand brand awareness to relevant audiences.

6. Contest and Giveaways

Contest and Giveaways - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Online contests and giveaways are useful strategies to increase engagement on social media. You can also gain more benefits by attracting new followers and rewarding existing ones to encourage loyalty.

Many giveaway projects require audience participation, such as reposting your posts, commenting on your posts, and creating content related to your brand. As a result, you will get more engagement and reach a wider audience.

Meanwhile, contests can be photo or video contests, caption contests, sweepstakes, or challenges. For instance, a beauty brand might run a giveaway where participants have to repost a specific image, follow the brand's account, and tag friends for an opportunity to win a gift.

7. Interactive Visuals

Interactive Visuals - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Interactive visuals are dynamic and engaging content pieces that require active participation from the audience. They can include interactive infographics, quizzes, polls, sliders, or augmented reality (AR) filters.

Interactive visuals are attention-grabbing and encourage users to interact with your content, leading to higher engagement and longer dwell times. You can create such content easily on Instagram and TikTok.

8. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Audiences are constantly seeking for inspiration. You can post inspirational quotes or motivational messages that resonate with your audience and align with your brand's values. This content is engaging and shareable.

It evokes emotions, inspires action, and fosters a sense of connection. Moreover, quotes are widely shared on social media platforms because they are relatable and provide a quick dose of positivity.

For instance, your brand can share daily affirmations or quotes related to self-care, mindfulness, or personal growth to inspire and uplift your followers. You may also share expert quotes in the form of visual content.

9. Live Videos and Virtual Q&As

Live Videos and Virtual Q&As - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Live videos and virtual Q&A sessions allow your brand to connect with your audience in real-time. This opportunity provides an authentic and interactive experience between you and your audience.

They offer an opportunity to showcase new products, demonstrate expertise, address customer questions or concerns, and build rapport with your audience. Live videos cover various topics, such as product launches or interactive workshops.

Many brands host live streaming to sell their products. They offer special discounts and answer audience questions in real time. Besides, almost all social media platforms have live streaming features, such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

10. Storytelling

Storytelling - 10 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Storytelling is a meaningful technique for brands to build emotional connections. You can create immersing storytelling to convey your brand values and engage your audience on a deeper level with narrated videos.

Stories can be in many forms, like customer success stories, brand origin stories, narratives about overcoming challenges, or stories that highlight the impact of your products or services on people's lives.

Effective storytelling captivates your audience's attention, elicits empathy, and inspires action. For example, you can build a narrative around your customers on how their lives are positively impacted after using your brand.



There are many social media content types that can be used to raise audience engagement. The most important thing is to understand your audience's preference, whether they prefer fun content or educative ones.

Also, keep in mind the content balance of your social media feeds. Combine video content and images to deliver messages. You may also make your account both entertaining and informative to audiences.

Don't be afraid to try many types of content. If you have many content styles, you can do A/B testing to know which content resonates best with your audience. In this case, use analytics tools to analyze your audience's behavior and content performance.

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